Bring Zenyatta (and Secretariat) Home for Dinner

Thoroughbred racing is an American past time and the racehorses who tell its story stoke not just our dreams but are also our greatest aspirations to rise from the wobbliest of beginnings to pounding victories.  I never knew Secretariat but I can see the sun glinting off the chrome in his chestnut coat.  Ive never met Zenyatta but I know it to be true that she is a tender mother and a tiger on the track. Phar Lap has knickered in my ear the encouragement to overcome lifes hurtles, and Barbaro made me believe in glory as well as grace.  Man O War died long before I came to be but he taught me to take on the world and win.  These racehorses, whom most of us have not had the privilege of knowing personally, live inside us even those of us who have never even come close to a horse.  So while we might not be able to go back in time to tell Seattle Slew, only loudly enough for him to hear, that he is a champion and our greatest role model, but we can be reminded of them everyday just by looking at their names on this Race Track Roll sign that recall everything for which they stand:  The ability to overcome impossible odds; breath-taking beauty; devoted friendship; and a reminder to believe in ourselves.  Ill take that with my morning cup of tea, any day.

Side Show Sign Company/ Race Track Roll.

Which race horse champion is your favorite? What do they teach you?