Horse Eventing- A Family Event

female jockeyOne event that seems universal is horse racing. It is exciting and competitive. Riders and horses train for years to become the best and then they have to compete against others who are also very good at what they do. Surprisingly enough, more and more young women are becoming involved in this event as young girls and teenagers. Without their family’s support, most of these young ladies wouldn’t be as active in the sport as they are and that is why it is quickly becoming not only a universal event, but a family event.

Mainstream Action and Excitement

horse racingThere is a lot of talk about horse eventing and how it is becoming a family event. It keeps young girls and some young men, off the streets and on the right track. Their families back them in every way from the training, through traveling, and more. These kids have families that celebrate their successful wins and help them feel better after an important loss. They are supportive in every way of what their children are doing, and it isn’t just parents that are there. Grandparents, uncles, aunts, siblings, and more are all there watching the event as it takes place. All of these people are there as a sort of participant, even though they never climb on a horse’s back. They participate by cheering the loudest and encouraging the young men and women to push themselves harder than ever, while also pushing their horse.

The True Family Event

horse racing winPart of the reason that young people are getting involved and staying active in the sport of horse eventing is their family’s support. However, if it was just part of the family, it wouldn’t be as big a part of their life as it should be. It takes everyone being involved to ensure that the young women and men continue to work as hard as they do. This means that there are all age groups there showing their support. There are babies, toddlers, elderly family members and every age group in between. There are even moms and dads carrying around twins behind the scenes, and luckily, they have discovered the double baby carrier review guide here. If they had not discovered these helping hands there would probably be less support for young riders.

Show Your Support

All things considered, if you watch a horsing event, you need to keep in mind the young people who are there. They work their hardest and constantly strive to push themselves harder than before. They are the people that you should support. Even if you are not a part of their family, let them hear you yell and stomp your feet. Clap when they take home a good win. It will mean the world to them to hear the crowd around them cheering for them. It will encourage them to continue working hard to go above and beyond. In life, there are so many bad things that these girls and boys could be interested in. Instead, they have chosen to form a bond with their horse and gain fans. That is definitely worth cheering about, even if they do not take home the win. It is why we think that the idea of horse eventing being a family event is perfect.