For the Love of Horses

If you were to ask a group of people what they love most about a horse; chances are good, you will get a different response from every person there. Some may have only one or two reasons they love them and others may be able to come up with a list of them. This is one of the main reasons that every time the racing circuit loses a horse; the world weeps a little over the loss. Each one is different and each will appeal to a person for different reasons.

Why People Love Them

Some people love the way a horse is put together because they are majestic creatures. Others love the way that they smell, their coats and manes, their personality, and more. Women often tend to baby their horse. They may paint their hooves with oil, brush their coat and braid their mane and tails, and snuggle with them as if they are giving them a hug. There are other people who simply enjoy riding them. They love the power that a horse has. They love that a well-trained horse can work harder than any man.

Working Beauty

Since the dawn of time when wild horses roamed freely; men have attempted to tame them and ride. We think of cowboys riding off into the sunset on their stallions. More often though is the riders who need a helping hand for rounding up cattle or scoping their fence line. There are also those who simply enjoy riding as a way to run freely.

What do you love about a horse? Is it their power or their beauty? Perhaps a little of all things?