Keeping Cool at Eventing Competitions

staying coolHorsing events are a great way to spend time with family, friends, and the people who live in the area where it is going to be hosted from. It also allows you to meet with new people and make new friends. What’s not to love about it? Except for possibly the heat. The one downside is that usually the events take place during the warm summer months. This means it is very important that you find ways of keeping cool at eventing competitions, especially on the hottest of summer days.

The Fun of Racing

handheld fanWhen the action heats up during a race, it is exciting to see. The crowds go crazy when there are two horses competing for the top spot. They like it when the excitement on the field is intense and their favorite horse is running hard. This is a good kind of heat. It is one that draws in more crowds to this event each year. Even when the summer heat threatens to make them all wish for the cooler temperatures that they can find at home.

How to Stay Cool in the Heat

cool clothesStaying cool isn’t always easy when the temperatures and the excitement is high. There are things you can do that may help a little. They include keeping a water bottle close by, wearing only light-weight clothing, or sitting in the shady areas. There are some people who bring a spray bottle and keep spraying it on themselves or taking trips to the bathroom to re-wet their hair. The women either have short hair styles or keep it pulled back. There are some who have handheld personal fans that are battery powered. Some may also send out a cool mist when they squeeze the trigger. All of these things can help you to stay cool, but there could be an even better option available in the form of a portable air conditioner like the Luma Comfort EC110S I saw on Ice Cold Living.

Portable Air

misting fanAs technology improves, so does our options. At one time, we had handheld fans that you had to wave in front of your face, and then we came up with battery powered handheld fans, and then mist was added.  Is it really shocking that there would come a time when portable air conditioners would be available? Most all of them do require you to use electricity to power them, which can be hard at an event, but it still could be helpful. If you have a portable air unit located near your camper or RV, you could venture over to it to cool off during the day. You will not miss out on excitement by having to go inside. It is also very affordable to run since it does not have a compressor. You simply add water and the fan cools you down. If you are a spectator, you can often ask about where a plug in may be located and still stay cool in the overheated stands. For most people, it is an exciting idea.