Horse Grooming

Take Care of Yourself and the Horse Will Follow

Horse GroomingAny horse owner can tell you that we all spend a lot of time and energy caring for our horses. It is something that goes beyond riding or brushing their mane. It is a full-time job and the more horses you have to love, the more of a job it will become. However, with that, most all of us realize that it becomes important to also take care of our own body. Jockeys who gain too much weight cannot ride in races, women with easily irritated skin shouldn’t spend their days in the sun, and more. Therefore, we are here to tell anyone who wants to get into caring for horses, “Take care of yourself and the horse will follow.”

Horse Matters

When caring for horses, most people do not realize all the effort that is required. There is grooming, shoeing, exercising, and constant worry. A horse that takes a wrong step may never be able to walk again. If their feet get achy, they have a harder time with being ridden. Their barns should be kept reasonably clean and they should always have easy access to grains, hay, and other stuff that is vital for their heath and well-being. Each breed of horse has special care needs and these needs may change depending on what the horse is used for. Virtually every horse owner has a vet that they trust on their phones speed dial. If a horse owner doesn’t take care of everything necessary, they will not have a health horse, but taking care of the horse also requires that they take care of themselves.

Personal Care

Horse and RiderMuch the same as your horse, a healthy diet can help you get through the roughest days. It is important that you eat all the fruits, vegetables, and proteins that your body needs. You should also do your best to take care of your skin since a lot of your day will be spent outdoors with your horse. One of the best things that I ever started doing was using a DIY face moisturizer with SPF on a daily basis. It has helped my skin look younger and I end up with fewer sunburns throughout the year.

It All Comes Together in the End

Loving HorsesAdmittedly, horses were once wild. They roamed the country freely and held their head up high. They survived without people. Now, they enjoy being around their humans. Although working animals, they are there for your pleasure. When they lived in the wild, they were not “unhealthy”, but injuries could make the difference between life and death. They ate what they needed to eat and went wherever they needed to go. As your horse, they depend on you to provide for their needs. They need for you to ensure they have a healthy diet and that they are able to run freely. You can only help them and care for them by caring for yourself. If you care for yourself, they will be happier and healthier. It is a win/win situation for you both.