Better Care of Our Horses

Taming BeautyWe are always looking for a better way to run our farm. We look for upgrades constantly to try and keep our horses comfortable and make every other aspect of running it more efficient. This is because we do not take chances. We need to understand where we stand financially when we have to travel for races and make sure our animals are happy. Taking better care of our horses is our primary goal and something that we feel makes us a better team in every way.

Why We Strive to Do It

Horse BarnHorses are not just animals. They are majestic creatures that roam the wild if not tamed by us. It is a pleasure knowing that they allow us to tame them and ride on them. It is a joy feeling their power under us and seeing them perform well in a race. Therefore, we feel that we owe them all the comfort that we can provide to them and do whatever we can to make our farm run smoothly enough that we can enjoy time with them. In ways, we feel that by taking better care of them, we will have happier horses who are glad that they came to us, which in turn makes them work harder when we need them to.

High End Stable Example

Our Newest Efforts

solar generator on trailerWhen most people think of a barn, they picture stalls, hay, and various grooming devices. We do have all of those things for the horses on our farm. Our barns are spacious and comfortable. We have power run to the barn and attempt to keep it well lighted when we need to. We also like making sure that it is comfortable inside the barn for both people and horses, which means fans and portable heaters. We do understand that horses are wild creatures, so it could be more for our benefit than theirs, but it seems to work. Since we also spend quite a bit of time traveling, our trailers are also comfortable for the horses. They have clean hay at all times and our trailers are equipped with a mobile solar power generator. During times when we stop for food, our horses still enjoy a fan and a pump puts fresh water for them to drink into a water trough inside the trailer.

Our Success

Happy HorsesSince we began attempting to make things on the farm more efficient and providing more extreme comfort measures for our animals; our success rate has increased. Our horses seem to perform better on race day and our friends who help us run the farm are also happier about being with us. Everyone seems to work better as a team. With our upgraded computer programs which make tracking finances and schedules easier, we are also able to remain more proficient, which gives us more time to spend with our friends and animals. We have discovered that when everything runs smoothly, there is more time to enjoy the animals that we fell in love with years ago. It makes it easier for us to focus more of our energy on the basics; our pure love of racing thoroughbreds.