Tools of the Trade

horse grooming kitTaking care of horses is a big responsibility. They need a lot of different things if you want to keep them healthy and happy. It doesn’t matter whether you are raising race horses or you are first time horse owner. For that reason, here are a few basic tools of the trade that every barn should have within easy reach.

For the Barn Upkeep

horse careA lot of the tools you need for a barn, to keep it a healthy environment for a horse you may already have on hand. These tools include a pitchfork, shovels, and wheelbarrows to help you move hay around and cleaning up after the horse. If you want to drive the horse or ride it, you should purchase specific tack to help you with it. Water troughs and feed buckets are also necessary inside of a barn, especially if you plan to keep your horse in it. You will also want to have access to water troughs outside of the barn, but feed buckets are less of a requirement if you have good grass for him to eat. One good thing is feed buckets and water troughs can be any type of bucket that will hold a substantial amount of water or feed. The major concern is that you have a bucket that has never stored anything potentially toxic for the horse.

Caring for the Horse

Horses come with specific needs. They need brushes for their body and their mane. Lead ropes, bits, and bridles give you control over the horse, within reason, while you are riding. Hoof picks are great for caring for a horse’s feet between shoeing’s. If you have flies or bugs in and around the barn, you will need to take care of that using an insect repellent. There are several different types of sprays that can be used around the barn’s exterior and even some that may be sprayed on the horse. One comfort item that you may want for your horse is a water heater for a high pressure shower head or a heater if you live in areas that experience cold weather. This may only be an issue if you have a horse to care for during the winter months.

Safety Considerations

riding horseIf you want to use the horse for driving, a sturdy and safe vehicle will be beneficial to both you and your horse. You will also want a driving whip to give you control over it.  A helmet is also a good idea for a newly trained driving horse since each horse will have different reactions to movement around them from other vehicles.

It is also recommended for horse owners use safety stirrups on the horse. This will ensure your feet do not slip out of the stirrup. If you cannot get a set, you can also choose to get a pair of boots that have a one-inch heel. This will keep your feet firmly in place on the stirrup no matter how fast the two of you are running across the open fields.