Creating a Happy Home for All the Mammals

Horses in Sunrise

When life gets busy, we all fall behind on chores. It is even harder to keep up when you have horses to deal with and a home for your family to run. Efficiency is the key to success and the bigger the barn and house, the tougher it becomes. You have to make it your priority to get everything on a routine and then you have to stick to it. Without prioritizing, you will never manage to succeed at creating a happy home for all the mammals that live there.

Morning Comes Early on the Farm

Breakfast for FamilyEvery day there are animals and people that need to be fed. It is a fact of nature. On the farm, most people choose the early morning hours to take care of the first “feeding” of the day. It enables those on the farm to progress with their day and gives everyone a full stomach to do it on. Most horse owners get up before the sun does and takes care of the animals. Then as the sun breaks the horizon, they get to work inside the home to feel the family.

Daily Chores

It depends on the size of the barn and how many animals you have, but most barns need to be cleaned out on a daily basis. Let’s face it; you cannot house break a horse and it is a little unfair to keep them in a dirty stall. The less you clean it, the more insects you will have coming to visit their bedroom and if you had insects in your room, you would go searching for how to see bed bugs at night. Animals do not have that luxury. They depend on you to keep everything clean so that they can simply thrive. You may also have yard work to deal with, house cleaning to handle, and a variety of other tasks that must be done daily.

Horse FarmMost everyone will have an evening feeding time that you need to stick to. This will most likely happen during the late afternoon for animals and slightly later for the family inside. In either case, it is a great way to wind down and get started planning for anything out of the ordinary that may need to happen the next day.

Early to Bed, Early to Rise

Life on the farm is not easy. Farmhands can take some of the load off your shoulders, but in most cases, they will want to sleep just as early as you. That is why many horse lovers end up going to bed early in the evening hours. Many people feel that 11 PM is a late night and will leave them sleepy the next day. When you are caring for horses and spouses, children, and more; you will be ready for sleep at the end of the day. Without it, you will not be able to rise early to start your day. Farm life and a love of horses is a great thing, but you have to work out how to make everything run smoothly for yourself. If you don’t, you will never create a happy, healthy home for all of the mammals you care about, including yourself.