28 April 2011

The Best Rolex Fashion at Wednesday Jogs

By Courtney Young, Shannon Crocker, Billy Register, and Samantha Bergin

Who wore what at the Rolex jogs was on everyone’s mind yesterday despite the impending doom of the weather forecast. But as eventers are apt to do, the field of 45 riders persevered and jogged their horses through puddles and rain splatters and offered us a look at some of the best looks for Rolex 2011.  Here they are.

photo by USEA

Jessica Phoenix took a page out of Lauren Kieffer’s 2010 playbook (with opposite colors) and what a good idea that was. It looks like Palm Beach at 5 o’clock!  The only thing we would add would be a martini (with two olives).  And take note: Jessica shows us that simple succeeds -a basic, black shirt dress, black kitten heels, and accented with belt to draw attention to her waist.  Simple, right?  The bonus here as well is that she also coordinates with her horse.

photo by USEA

Will Coleman pretty much hit the nail on the head with his Classic New England prep. Tommy Hilfiger would be proud.  The navy sport coat with khakis is a look that never gets old but, still, he manages to add something personal with the cheerful splash of color in his tie.  The sun even came out for him!  Though, we say, for a preppy boy from the hills of Virginia he should be able to pull off a better sock. How about a Paul Smith striped number? Classic prep never fails.

photo by USEA

Dang, Boyd knocked it out of the park this year!  The prepster tie with the tattersall shirt is perfect without overwhelming and, topped with a fedora, we’re off to play cricket with a Gin in Tonic in hand. With a distinctive look and point-of-view Boyd takes some risks here…and reaps the rewards tenfold.  We’re not sure who dressed him (maybe his beautiful wife Silva?) but whoever it was, keep them on retainer!  Fashion note: The cardinal rule with sports jackets is never button the bottom button. A sport coat will never have three buttons unless you’re an NBA player (and while Boyd is tall, he’s not an NBA player)  And if you’re wearing s suit jacket, according to Nordstrom’s, follow the “Sometimes, Always, Never” rule.  That is to say, starting with the top button it’s “sometimes” buttoned, the second is “always” buttoned, and the third and bottom button is “never” buttoned.  One more thing: The flash noseband is removable, you should have done that. Kate Moss needs her belt back.  All that said, though, good on you, Boyd.

photo by USEA

Susan Beebee already looks adorable so when you add the cheeriest of expression on her face as well as on that of her horse you’ve got a real winner.  A classic trench looks great and is weather appropriate.  She was clever enough to stay away from Dubarrys at a jog and instead opted for a black boot but nods to the equestrian world with the quilting.  Her orange scarf greets the Spring and her black headband polish the look and stands out in her pretty, blond hair.  Her pearls complete her look.

photo by USEA

Hannah Sue-Burnett and St Barths.  Love it. She brings her personality to this look from the cute denim trench dress (that sets off her flashy chestnut) to the pretty brown flats.  Her jewelry further adds a personal touch and shows that she has gone the extra mile.   To top it off she has beat the field with the prettiest of hair – it’s like Kate Middleton walking down the Rolex jog lane,  just in time for the royal wedding.  Last year we ooohed over Lauren Kieffer.  This year it’s Hannah Sue Burnett. With both riders under the tutelage of David O’Connor we’re starting to wonder if he’s been giving then style pointers as well.  Is he going to be the Evening Team coach and style coach all rolled into one?

photo by USEA

Jill Walton brings a hip Westcoast/ Western sensibility to the Rolex jog lanes and we dig that.  Everything fits well and and comes off  as truly personal style.  She looks like herself and we love that. She could transition from the Rolex jog to a cocktail party without batting an eye.  Switch up the Ed Hardy belt for Hermes and you’re money.

Tiana Coudray pulls off personal style, comfort, elegance, and coordinates with her horse all in one fell swoop.  She lets her belted jacket stand out as the anchor piece and then keeps it simple with her slacks and shoes.  This prevents her clothes from wearing her and assures the focus will stay on that dashing horse of hers.  We might have gone with pearl earrings to go with the grey horse but it’s hard to be choosy, especially in the face of such obvious comaraderie and grace.  Plus, we heard she won the Dutton RZ Saddle from WISE EQUESTRIAN for Best-Presented horse and rider combination.  We can see why!

photo for USEA

If you’re not into slim skirts and pleats like we are then you might want to take notes on Kristi Nunnink’s look.  She’s well-coordinated with her horse and looks professional without being severe thanks to her well-fitting grey suit.  The pink scarf coordinates with her horse’s pink snip which is adorable.  It suits her (no pun intended) and we give that, and the look, two thumbs up.

photo by USEA

Hamish Cargill looks great whether he’s on Wall Street, Capitol Hill or at the Rolex jogs. He raises the bar with a well-tailored suit in a light grey which, along with his striped tie, keep everything Springy and light.  We’d like to run into him at the Rolex after party and then take him home to mom, that’s for sure. The horse’s brow band, though, is more cart horse than 4-Star event horse. Change that and it’s, well, perfection.

photo by USEA

Sinead Halpin is case in point that a black pencil skirt belted with a cute top works again and again.  That and she’s smokin’ hot. And appropriate for the Rolex jogs to boot.  Her look is tailored and fitted to her lovely figure and the petite, stacked heel is ladylike and, simultaneously, sprintable.  Her look accentuates all her assets without trying too hard.

photo by USEA

Buck Davidson proves the old adage: if it aint broke, don’t fix it.  The tailored gentleman right out of Wall Street may be a look we’ve seen before but it works, so why change it?  With the smart gray suit and dress shoes (good call) he communicates professionalism and that he means business.  The yellow tie adds a splash of welcome color in this Spring season and his red socks are his signature piece (see Do’s and Don’ts for the Rolex Jog Lane) Plus, he’s keeping it real with the colors of the family crest.  But wait, there’s more.  He shares his look with Titanium.  Without the messiness of flash and figure eight nosebands and by using a the basic jog chain and shank he keeps the lines clean and simple which further showcase his handsome horse.  Clean, polished, handsome, with personality. Well done and keep it up.

Good to luck to all the Rolex 2011 horses and riders. We’ll be rooting you on as you enter at A, sail through the Head of the Lake, and bring it all home in the Rolex Stadium on day three.  And thanks to photographers Josh Walker, Emily Daily, and Leslie Threlkeld at the USEA for the generous use of their photography. We are forever grateful for their generosity, not to mention their talent.  A final thanks to the writers who made the Best of Rolex Fashion 2011 possible: Shannon, Billy, and Samantha.  They are the most amazing team with incomparable wit.  Thanks, and have fun at Rolex 2011! Make sure to Read Peter Green’s 2011 Rolex Run Down for who’s running this year….and who might edge out the rest!

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  1. I think Jill Walton looks fantastic! (except for that belt- as mentioned) Too many times the ladies looks are sort of ill-fitting and don’t move really well but she looks the most naturally stylish of the bunch because she’s kept closest to her natural style. She’s the only one who doesn’t look like she’s going to her first day of school!


  2. I love the idea of a “signature piece”… lucky red socks… or whatever…
    I always wear good luck green underwear, but maybe that doesn’t quite count since no one’s supposed to see those! And how fun to see a pic of Kristi Nunnick– she’s from my neck of the woods!


  3. […] Thanks to Three Days Three Ways for this great nod to Bills Khakis!The Best Rolex Fashion at Wednesday Jogs […]


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