Clothing for Race Day

Have you ever stopped to think about what a person, beyond the jockey, may wear to a horse racing event? If not; you are not alone. It is not something most people think about, unless they have already attended a race. The truth is; racing is a sport that everyone can enjoy, but most people do dress for the occasion.

Men’s Dress Styles

Before you head to the nearest Kentucky Derby, you may want to think about your wardrobe. Men typically do not show up to these events in jeans and tee-shirts, even though that is what you may think they wear when working with a horse. Men, most often wear suits and ties to these events. If not that, then they will at least wear a nice pair of slacks and a button up shirt.

Ladies Should Also Dress Up

Some people say that the ideal outfit for a horse race is one that is slightly preppy. It is perhaps your Sunday Best outfit. Most women wear a sun hat and dresses that are flowy during the summer months. However, this is not always the case. Some ladies wear smaller hats that fit tightly against their head, some wear long dresses, and some wear short frilly skirts. The biggest thing is; a woman must look like a lady when out at the horse races.