01 December 2010

Gift Guide Part #2: Emily Daily’s Farm Owner’s Gift Guide

by Emily Daily

Since we’ve had a quiet week here at the farm (luckily!), I’ve taken a page out of Simon’s book and decided to share my own Christmas list this year…


My better half, who helps manage the day-to-day craziness of farm life: wrangling loose ponies, strutting around with tools doing manly jobs, and puttering around happily on our tractor (okay, it’s a riding mower…but one can dream, right?).

Zip these bad boys on over your pajamas, step into your boots, and you’re all set to feed the ponies breakfast!

For snagging loose ponies, of course….only kidding.

If I won the lottery… Josh would be getting one of these sweet babies in his stocking!

Oh, and did I mention Josh has a serious sweet tooth?


photo by Red Horse Media

The neurotic Jack Russell, who thinks of one thing, and one thing only….

He’s also short-haired, and will to shiver pitifully unless he’s swaddled in some sort of doggie jacket. He would like….


The oddball Welsh corgi, who thinks everything is edible…and everyone’s out to get him. Since he’s constantly being ambushed by the kitties, I’ll give him something that he can use to scope out blind spots, and make sure there are no felines lurking around the corner…

And because Bailey comes to work with me and hangs out in my cubicle, he’ll need a suitable dog bed…this one seems rather posh!


We just adopted two spastic, goofy little kittens… there are two things that they love:


Baling Twine – cheapest cat toy ever!

Cady Pony

What to get the Princess?


photo by Red Horse Media

The sweet, but often curmudgeonly, patriarch of the farm.

For warding off obnoxious weanlings….

And…because he loves grass more than just about anything…


Simple Marco…he’s “special”…maybe he just needs to be challenged?

Marco loves friends…but no one loves Marco. My Buddy will remedy that problem…

Baby Amigo

Our little child is growing up so fast! While he’s acting like a civilized beast more often than not, I think this little gem would be helpful in his education…

And of course, all Baby wants for Christmas are his two front teeth… an extra pair of chompers for grabbing visitors!

Oh….and what do I want for Christmas? I would like to flee from the frigid tundra of West Virginia winters and escape to someplace like this:

Until next time,


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2 Comments on “Gift Guide Part #2: Emily Daily’s Farm Owner’s Gift Guide”

  1. I LOVE this post by Emily Daily with all the photos… very imaginative and FUNNY!!


  2. Super funny and super cute! I love reading your blog! *That last picture is funny because I live in Hawaii and right now it’s wet and rainy! :0 *


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