24 September 2010

Sneak Peak of the World Equestrian Games

We’re practically moments away from the 2010 Alltech World Equestrian Games.  It feels surreal. But the buzz in Kentucky is undeniable as the final pieces fall into place.  Our Three Days Three Ways contributor, Shannon Crocker, takes us on a tour to see what’s ready to roll, what needs some tweaking, and what’s out on the cross-country course!

The main arena made me do a double take.  It’s a far cry from what Rolex looked like this past Spring!

Soon the machinery will be gone and this road will be teeming with equestrian fans.  Including Three Days Three Ways!

Wait, are we at a Rolling Stones show?  This stage looks like something that would be in place for an enormous show.  Which I guess it is!

Thanks to Shannon we even have a sneak peak of some of the World Games cross-country course.  Any takers on this island complex?

Mostly I just want to take a swim.  It’s still so hot in North Carolina my sweet Ellie and I would opt for a wade.

The course is flagged and roped off.  But the brush is still to come.  Any bets on the height?

Being outside in the arena and on cross-country with all that sun I’m ready for one of these.  Though I’d only be trying it so I can report back to you.  Obviously.

Thanks, Shannon, for bringing us the inside scoop on what’s happening at the Kentucky Horse Park just moments before the 2010 World Equestrian Games begin. Check back during the Games to hear more from Shannon, her take on style and fashion, and about a special gentleman named Waylon.

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2 Comments on “Sneak Peak of the World Equestrian Games”

  1. The brush is IN today! I hear the opening ceremonies will include Wynona Judd and Muhammad Ali!!! We are so excited to be a part of this great event. Thanks Courtney for posting the pics – I will try to take more tomorrow!


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