Vet Box Moments

If you are ever lucky enough to attend a horse race; you should strive to get as close to the vet box as possible. These boxes are mostly used after the race, when it is time to cool and calm the horses down. You will see a lot of veterinarians on sight to monitor the horses and take care of them. From this area, you will also be able to see the horses up close and personal if you want to.

What Happens in the Vet Box

Most all quality horse races will have a vet box set up near the finish line. These boxes are lined with troughs full of water and ice. This is designed to help the horses cool down as quickly as possible in a safe way. Vets are going to be continuously checking their heartrate and temperature to ensure that their dash to the finish has not had a negative impact on them.

Why It’s the Best Place to Be

The vet box is a busy place to be at the end of the race. As each horse crosses the finish line, they are hustled into the box to start cooling down. As each horse goes in and they are being cared for; you can take a lot of photos. You can see them for the truly beautiful animals that they are. In all other areas around the track, you will perhaps see the racing action better, but the horses will not always be close enough for you to see clearly.

Where Will You Be?

The vet box is a place that many people love to be, but it isn’t ideal for every person. Where do you want to be? Do you have a perfect section of the track that you feel is the best seat in the house?