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May 29th, 2012

Ellie gets Silly

We know Ellie is lovely and sweet.  But silly?  Yes.  For our photo shoot she was cooperative, patient, curious and, yes, silly.  Case in point:

photos by Jim Webb

What a sweet, silly girl.

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May 29th, 2012

A bit more fashion equestrian photography

photo by Jim Webb

More photos for you to enjoy style and horses all at once.  Above, we’re figuring out which earrings to wear.  And even there Ali is looking so very pretty in sparkles and a bow. And below pretty again with flowers fresh from the Farmer’s Market.

photo by Jim Webb

And then with Hunter Wellies in the foreground.

photo Jim Webb

photo by Jim Webb

Ellie was lovely as always.  And also super silly and fun.  She and Ali get silly for the camera.

And then a Devoucoux saddle waiting for a ride.

photo by Jim Webb

Fingers crossed for more photo shoots of horses and style to come.


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December 28th, 2011

PJ Jensen Horse Sweater

Killer cute. Right? Bri Emery of designlovefest declares that this sweater captured her heart as soon as she saw it.  Which of course we agree with! The even lovelier part than lovely Bri Emery wearing a sweater with such a charming equine friend on it  is that it’s super easy to get and super easy on the wallet.  Thanks Urban Outfitters! Post-holiday gift to yourself? I’d say so.

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December 26th, 2011

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, and sweet wishes for a Happy New Year.  In these shortest days of the years I’m thinking long about wishing you and the sweet ponies in your life all the best for the new year.  I’m also thinking long about how thankful I am for your ongoing support and devotion to Three Days Three Ways and all things horses and style.  I can’t write to you nearly as much as I would like what with bustling in and out of the city for work but promises, promises it’s always what I’d rather be doing! Here’s to wishing you kisses under the mistletoe and candy canes for the year to come.


image via Dilly Dallas

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December 1st, 2011

Mystery Rider…from a jog?

Now that it’s the holiday season everything is cranberry and holly-jolly. But of course the only thing I notice in this seasonal mood board is the photo that,  I swear, is from a 3-day event jog. Any guesses as to who it is? I’m going with Max McManamy.

image by Camille Styles (friend to our fave, Ruby Assata!)

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November 14th, 2011

Washington D.C.’s Tweed Ride with Equestrian Style

This weekend happened to be not only a perfect Fall weekend (was it for you too?) but also the weekend of the annual D.C. Tweed Ride run by the ever-stylish Eric of Dandies and Quaintrelles. Inspired by hopes of style and equestrian accessories ( we all know fashionistas take cues from our equestrian pasttime) I am pleased to report that the DC Tweed Ride did not disappoint. The greatest news of all came in the form of the ride’s own official photographer and style icon herself, Katie Warren of Go.Kate.Shoot. and her vintage jodphurs.

She’s ever so The Sartorialist, don’t you think?

But she wasn’t the only one to pick up on fashion with a nod to equestrian life.  I also met new friends including Erin who, as it turns out, is an eventer herself! She also happened to be sporting equestrian style including her own britches and field boots.


Oh, and me?  What did I wear?  Vintage Harry Hall, of course. I’m here with my parter and sweet friends who made the ride not just stylish,  but the greatest of fun as well.

Wishing you plenty of Fall fashion and furry ponies.

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October 30th, 2011

Style at the Washington International Horse Show


There can be no dispute that the equestrian world has and still does influence style, fashion, and design.  After a week at the Washington International Horse Show we’re reminded exactly why that fashion world continues to draw on its equestrian friends for inspiration.

The equestrian world will continue to inspire designers around the world not just for the inherent style in our day-to-day lives whether a gleaming driving harness, a luxe wool rug, or the fine leather of our boots, but also for what we represent. The equestrian world is inspirational because it’s the symbiotic partnership between man and horse, it’s an afternoon hacking across a hillside in a Fall breeze, it’s dreams lived rather than dreams deferred. We are hope and happiness grounded in the sun rising early in the morning with the crunch of our boot on gravel as we prepare for a day with our horses. We don’t need an Hermes scarf to get that feeling. We already have it. We’re just passing it on.

A heartfelt thanks to Leslie Threlkeld for the beautiful photos that capture the essence of equestrian elegance and spirit. There will be more to see at her equine photography website so be sure to visit and dive into the Washington International Horse Show!

October 30th, 2011

Washington International Horse Show: On Trend with Ear Bonnets

The Washington International Horse Show dishes up competitive edge, soaring moments of glory, heart-breaking losses, and teeteringly high fences as well as its own fair share of style. One trend that popped out amidst the bustle was the pervasive ear bonnet in coordinated colors. Used typically to shoo away pesky summer-time flies or to hush the roar of a crowd the ear bonnet, more and more, has become a style accessory to the equestrian attire.

Some riders opted for classic looks like navy with a red accent

and others waded further into more unusual colors

Regardless of their color palette, though, all riders coordinated their horse’s ear bonnet with their own attire.

I confess to caving to this particular trend and buying Ellie a black ear bonnet with gold trim. I justified it as a summer purchase to be used when trotting through the Virginia fields and forests which, while beautiful, offer up plenty of relentless winged, and biting, insects, much to my sweet Ellie’s chagrin. The ear bonnet helps, no doubt, and we also stay right on trend.  A win-win. What about you, are you on board with the trend for practical reasons or style concerns?

Thanks to Leslie Threlkeld Media for these incredible photos. There are many more that capture the excitement of the show so be sure to visit her equine photography website to see the rest.

October 29th, 2011

Excitement at the Washington International Horse Show

The Washington International Horse Show does the impossible. It brings all of our favorite things right into the heart of the city. Into the heart of our capitol city, as a matter of fact. And with it comes everything we can dream of from masterful horsemanship and performance from the charming Australian Guy McLean

dashing terriers

perfect ponies, and lots and lots of teeteringly high jumps with horses soaring clear across. The temporary stalls squat right in the middle of the city across the street from the National Portrait Gallery (check out the collection of Native American Portraits in between rounds) and tuck in tight next to the Verizon Center where hockey, basketball, and, when the time is right, horses take center stage. It makes for something of a double take when walking down the street and you pass a museum, a club with party goers chatting on the sidewalk, clusters of tourists clutching maps, and then (don’t blink) you might miss the tiny white pony primly walking by led by its equally tiny rider on their way to their next class.  It’s refreshing, unexpected, and exciting.

What’s more, where we have horses and performance we have, inevitably, equestrian style.

We’ll have more on that soon thanks to the talent and vision of equestrian photographer Leslie Threlkeld.  For now I recommend grabbing a ticket for the show if you’re anywhere near by. Terriers on the run, darling ponies, heart-stopping showjumping feats, and classic equaestrian style may be part of your everyday life, but I doubt you get to do that in the heart of a beautiful city.  Grab your tickets online and Leslie and I will meet you there!

October 17th, 2011

Ivy League Equestrian Style

The leaves have started to take a turn for the Fall and blankets are appearing across the backs of peach-fuzzed ponies across hillsides from Virginia to Michigan. It’s Fall and that means a lot of great things including sipping hot apple cider, crunching leaves underneath trotting hooves, and, certainly, incredible Fall fashion. This take on Ivy League equestrian style would be hard to beat: britches, tweed jacket, and a classic blue oxford shirt. Did you catch the glimpse of her red belt? We would talk about physics, Faulkner, and Badminton over a cup of hot apple cider. I’m in. Will you come?

If you’re coveting the look as much as I am try going in for the jacket/ shirt/ heelspurse. You already have the britches so that’s a no-brainer. Don’t you love being a fashionista’s inspiration?!

image by Elizabeth Lippman via The New York Times


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