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October 15th, 2010

Happy Weekend!

(photo by Pascal Le Segretain via Zimbio)

The equestrian world is abuzz with the sales of horses like Dutch dressage phenomenon Totilas and eventing powerhouse La Biostethique Sam. Not to mention some of our favorite riders duking it out in Holland for Boekelo, France for Pau**** (November 4-7), and Fair Hill.  I’ll be road-tripping this weekend (as has become the norm) but this time to see my impossibly cute 9-month old niece, Gillian, and to take her to music class.  How cute is that?!  See photo below since I can’t help myself. What are you up to?

Totilas: Coveted by his Neighbor

Creating a Family at Boekelo

What happened to Paul Tapner and Inonothing at the WEGs?

Final medal count from the WEGs

Laine Ashker’s dreams come true

Horses, Hermes, and Fashion Week

Safety and Cross-Country: The Frangible Pin

Fall at Fair Hill

And a few Three Days Three Ways posts you won’t want to miss!

Phillip Dutton and Mary King Storm WEG Cross-Country

Cross-Country Reflections from Bruce Davidson

Edward Gal Wears Gold Around his Neck; Totilas Wears it Around his Feet

Fashion at the World Equestrian Games

As promised: photo of the impossibly cute niece Gillian.

October 8th, 2010

Happy Weekend!

My goodness my gracious. I took so much time to be at the World Equestrian Games I’m afraid I’ve had to hole up at my work computer for the past week.  Where’s the fun in that?  But, believe it or not, now I’m in Orgeon for the weekend.  The cool air and deep green trees, one might think, would make me crave hiking through snow-capped mountains and across meadows full of wild flowers.  But me, oh no, I think about how nice my sweet Ellie would look in a navy blue wool cooler with silver trim and how cuddly warm she would be given the crisp air.  Sort of like the Swedish showjumper above.  The Swedes have style down pat-from every angle.  What would it make you think of?  Wherever you are and whatever the weather I hope you have a perfectly lovely weekend!

How to handle no WEG USA medal? Denial, anger, bargaining, depression.

Some of the loveliest WEG photos I’ve seen.

Daydreaming of eventing.  It’s all about the heart.

I dream of vaulting.

And some WEG posts you may have missed with the flurry of eventing:

Lucinda Green recaps the World Equestrian Games

How-To Own an Upper-Level Event Horse

Dressage Recap from Silva Martin

Woodburn models: How-To Wear Cross-Country Boots

October 1st, 2010

Happy Weekend!

The world of eventing is watching with bated breath as the 2010 World Equstrian Games unfold.  So much has been going on I’m worried that you might be missing all the good stuff.  Here are some highlights from the week as we head into cross-country tomorrow.

Becky Holder and Courageous Comet perform dressage

Buck Davidson and Ballynoecastle perform dressage

Team Fashion at Wednesday Jogs both “sparkling” and ready for an “emergency landing”

3 Girls and an ax (with magic) take on ecogold cross-country boots

Walk the cross-country course with Allison Springer

Germans out in Droves (and bringing it!)

Silva Martin recaps dressage day 1

So many people make Three Days Three Ways possible.  Meet some of them!

Shannon Crocker (Fashion)

Silva Martin (Dressage reviews)

September 24th, 2010

Happy Weekend!

My room has exploded with clothes, shoes, jackets, and hats as I pack for the 2010 World Equestrian Games. Will you be watching the opening ceremonies this weekend? I’ll be darting around picking up critical supplies like dresses, bon-bons, and camera batteries.  See you soon whether it’s in Kentucky or on Three Days Three Ways!

A blog from the Brits

WEG Frequently Asked Questions

A peak into Dutch WEG dressage rider’s Kentucky Horse Park barns of Edward Gal

What to wear to the World Equestrian Games

Which country has the best stable design? You be the judge.

Get behind the wheel of a Land Rover!

Pre-WEG News and Notes

Emma Ford takes you behind-the-scenes.

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