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December 23rd, 2010

Top Eventing Groom Emma Ford Hashes Out Her Christmas Wish List (Take Notes!)

Emma Ford, top groom to top eventer Phillip Dutton, walks us through her Christmas Wish List for 2010. For starters, I think we need to try and get her something like this!

Cleaning Fairy via Any Place Farm

Emma Ford’s Christmas Wish List:

1. Have Phillip be tidy in the tack stalls. He gets a corner and he just explodes. It doesn’t matter how tidy I try to keep it – it just goes everywhere! I need a Fairy Tidier. Boyd‘s groom is in on that to. Is it an Australian men’s mentality?

2.  For shows I was thinking in an ideal world I would love everything to be matching – coolers, blankets, wraps, everything.

3. Bell boots that never come off after cross-country. I’ve probably lost 10 pairs this year.  I haven’t found a make that stays on.

4. A perfect ice boot that any horse will stand in and you don’t have to stay with them.

5. Jammies that the Australians had at the WEGs from their head down to their toes.

6.  Stall mucking fairies.

True Prospect Farm Barn Wishes:

1. Heated water spigots out to every paddock

2. Heated wash stalls

3. In England some barns have a special room to hose down blankets then it’s heated so they dry too. So, a heated drying area for blankets.

4. Tack cleaning fairy

5.  A continuous supply of hot coffee and working students

6. Fairy barn cleaner to de cobweb and clean brass

7.  Pooper scooper

8. To be sponsored by L.L. Bean and have fleece-lined jeans

9. To be sponsored by Starbucks

and Godiva Chocolate

Thanks Emma!  Make sure to check your stocking this Christmas to see how much of that Santa and his Three Days Three Ways elves have managed to stuff in there.

December 22nd, 2010

Gift Guide Part # 7: your friend who wants the world to be a better place and looks good doing it

Are you as behind in your Christmas shopping as I am?  Maybe it’s all that eggnog, but I’ve got miles to go before I sleep. Here are some tips for your friend who wants the world to be a better place and looks good doing it. She always manages to look great whether waiting for her next round, sipping home brew, or volunteering for her favorite non-profit. How does she do that? Here’s how:

Bridge and Burn Earhardt Jacket. Perfect for the brew house or for a soggy course walk. $120.00.

Ruby Assata purse. Ideal for carrying copious supplies like wallet, checkbook, and stud kit. Also squirming Jack Russels (or adorable Cavalier King Charles Spaniels). Email for prices.

Emerson Made dress.  Think Spring.  Think Spring jogs. Also works well to throw on after a clinic when you’re hanging around cooking out. Obviously looks great with wellies which means you can still take the shortcut through the field without screwing up your new leather Oxfords. Note the boots to her right. Brown riding boots. Also on the list! $198.00 (the dress, that is)

Brown belt. It’ll work with the Emerson Made dress (yeah for accessories that make it look like you actually took time to put your outfit together instead of throwing it together in the trailer tack room) as well as with your britches when you’re teaching, at a clinic, or coming down the center line.  $40.80.

Wellies. Duh. These are at the top of my list this year.  Will you send good thoughts?  I’ll let you know what happens. $125.00.

Siberian Tiger Kate Spade mittens (cause you’re horse is a tiger on cross-country) handmade by women in Bosnia. When it’s freezing and you’re trying to lug your saddles back and forth from the barn to the trailer these will keep your fingers from freezing plumb off. Also, when you buy them you’re also supporting Women for Women International, a non-profit that provides women in war-torn countries the resources they need to move from a state of crisis and poverty to stability and self-sufficiency. Stylish and worldly. Just in time for true holiday spirit. $95.00.

Good luck dashing around getting your final presents in order. One more surprise gift guide to come!

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December 17th, 2010

Happy Friday!

I don’t know about you but where I am the wind is howling and darkness descends early.  I’m staying cozy with soft scarves, hot chocolate and Coeur de Pirate. My sweet Ellie is staying cozy with a Thelwell-esque coat and a thick Rambo (or two). How about you? Either which way I hope you’re as cozy and sweet as these two friends.

Badminton winds up with news on television planning and loos

Protective Headgear Rules Gaining Ground

Eventers Mind Their Heads at the USEA Annual Convention

Meet your new USEA President

Eventing Down Under

Visit the USEA Convention (at least in spirit)

A Smart Gift Guide

The Year in Equestrian Style and Culture

{And some posts from Three Days Three Ways that aren’t to be missed}

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Gift Guide #4: For Your Adorable Little Brother Who Listens Incessantly to the Decemberists and Drove the Truck and Trailer (and Horse) For Your to Montana’s Rebecca Farm

Gift Guide #5: For Your Pony-Obsessed Mini-Eventer Who Follows You Around the Barn and Always Asks to Ride Your 17h Horse

Gift Guide #6: For Your Big Sis Who Smokes You at 3-Day Events But Makes Up For It By Making You the Best Chocolate-Chip Cookies Ever

December 16th, 2010

Gift Guide Part #6: For your Big Sis Who Smokes You at 3-Day Events but Makes Up For It By Baking You the Best Cookies. Ever.

She’s a fierce competitor (darn it) but she’s most often found nesting at home. So she’ll love these personalized panaoramic return address labels from Felix Dootlittle. 30 for $35.00.

She bakes you the most incredible chocolate-chip cookies (ever) but still makes time to spread the love around. Like with this Peppermint Cantering Chef Bran Mash from SmartPak for her fave pony. Delicious and festive. Two for one!  $9.95-$34.95.

Horse Head Matches from Nandina. An easy accessory for the home. About $4.00.

A candle to brighten these days of early darkness. In Macintosh Apple flavor to remind her of her horses and how they nicker when she’s bring them apples. $28.00.

Portrait session with Josh Walker at Red Horse Media to capture her horse and her heart. Email for rates.

An adorable and clever wire basket for arranging her brushes by color.

What are your holiday picks for a happy and horsey home?

December 14th, 2010

Gift Guide Part #5: Your Pony-Obsessed Mini Eventer who Follows you Around at the Barn and Always Asks to Ride Your 17h Horse

Any tiny eventer will love this modern rocking horse with its cheery colors.  Plus it would look great in every nursery. $68.00

WiseGuy for WiseKids.  Makes sense since your bitty eventer wants to learn the ropes to the eventing lanes AND life all at once. Let top event horse WiseGuy show them the way.  Released at the 2010 WEGs. Email for details.

Our friends at Horse and Habit tipped us off to these wee britches and they were a shoe-in here.  $36

They’re dreaming of being an event star anyways so why not give them a prop? Theodore O’Connor blazed a pony-sized trail through eventing before we lost him too soon. Remind your little one that it’s all about heart, not hands, that matter in eventing (and life). $39.99

A game of cowboys and Indians.  It can’t get any more classic than that. $15.oo

Finding nursery-appropriate art isn’t always a cinch.  But this zebra would make any room sweet with style. $20.00

Ok, everyone is plugged in these days which makes a note card that much more welcome. These Circus Girl note cards from Felix Doolittle make me feel like I’m sailing through the air on the back of my trusted pony friend in something sparkly. The feather on top is, well, the cherry on top. $20/ pack (includes 12 sheets)

Dappled Grey knows what’s what when it comes to kid’s stuff. They discovered Windsor Apparel and I want you to have the joy as well.

Merry shopping!

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December 8th, 2010

Gift Guide Part #4: For your adorable little brother who listens incessantly to the Decemberists and drove the truck and trailer (and horse) for you to Rebecca Farm in Montana

V is for victory and what’s wrong with that?  He might be your sweet little brother but he still wants to kick a little you-know-what. Whether schooling in the backyard and imagining the roar of the crowd at The Kentucky Horse Park or cantering down the longside in a Jim Wofford clinic he’ll look rad in this CXXVI tee handprinted on 100% combed cotton. And if it helps bring in the blue it can’t hurt.  $36.

These Steven Alan Fall Wool Camp gloves are the perfect antidote to the winter bite whether he’s in Pennsylvania braving the snow drifts in an indoor or in Ocala enjoying the sun on a trot set.  And with removable thumbs he’ll be able to text you when he goes clean at Rocking Horse. $135.

This Ruby Assata wallet will see a lot of action in the hands of a horse lover what with paying for all those entry fees, supplements, and carrots (etc.).  So it makes sense to go with a Ruby Assata since it will last for-ev-a and he’ll feel cool whipping it out at the counter when he pays for your newest bridle (again). He’s so sweet.  Email for prices.

He can’t very well win Galway Downs with nothing on the bottom. Get him something that’s win-worthy.  These Tailored Sportsman Britches will do the trick.  $169.95.

This Hoffman Waxed Cotton jacket from Bridge and Burn in Portland, Oregon (dammit, you Portlanders get everything cool!) is ideal for just about everything including walking the Badminton cross-country course in a misty rain, watching the final showjumping rounds in a downpour at the Jersey Fresh before you go, or just staying snug on a chilly day. Oh, and for looking hip. Which he is.  $235.

Man what a good brother.  Happy Holidays to him!

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December 6th, 2010

Gift Guide Part #3: For your best friend who’s always on time and never forgets her dressage test

It doesn’t hurt to have the best.  Your best friend chooses Pikeur because they are.  She’d opt for the high rise Candela britches because they’re classic and elongate the leg. $194.

The Everything-in-Place Cape from Anthroplogie suits her because everything is in its place. Not to mention stylish as well as cozy. She can throw this on after a show jumping clinic with Susi Hutchison and have, well, everything in place. $198.

If she’s an eventer (and she is) then she’s carrying around a pile of tools like hammers and drills. Why carry them in some clunky toolbox when she can carry them around in this Cynthia Rowley Genuine Article?  Exactly. $25.

She wouldn’t wear anything besides for Wise Equestrian boots in brown (so Jackie O) since they’re the chicest. Not to mention the most comfortable (just ask Jennie Brannigan).

If you’re going to be put together then a headband is the perfect piece de resistance. Blaire Waldorf would agree. Go for a Jennifer Ouellette, my favorite.

I’m partial to the grosgrain bow in goldenrod.  $50-89.

Happy Holidays….and more gift guides to come!

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