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May 29th, 2012

Ellie gets Silly

We know Ellie is lovely and sweet.  But silly?  Yes.  For our photo shoot she was cooperative, patient, curious and, yes, silly.  Case in point:

photos by Jim Webb

What a sweet, silly girl.

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May 21st, 2012

Fashion Photography for the Equestrian World

photo by Jim Webb

When some people have free time they might go to brunch with friends, listen to the new Bon Iver album, or take their dog for a walk through the woods.  But me?  I gather up a photographer with serious talent and mad photography street cred,  a colleague who transcends the word ‘pretty’ and traipse off to the farm for a photo shoot. Speaking of which, endless thanks and kisses on both cheeks to Jim Webb and Ali who were game enough to trek through fields, laugh along with my sweet Ellie’s antics, and race the sunset to get just one more shot. I think it was all worth it and hope you do too.

photo by Jim Webb

We went out on a limb for the above shot with a vintage stole, silk tap pants, and (naturally) leopard-print heels.  Fun fact, Ali loves leopard prints and even has leopard-print Converse. How cute is that?!

Below, a simple black maxi dress is all that’s needed to echo Ellie’s pretty minimalism and black points.  She and Ali look like they were made for each other.  In fact, Ellie took right to Ali and they became fast friends.

photo by Jim Webb


Sexy doesn’t have to be a dress and heels.  Sometimes cutoffs and a plaid shirt are just the thing. Especially with a pair of Dolce Vita booties. And a Devoucoux saddle of course!

photo by Jim Webb

You didn’t think we were going to leave Simon out did you?  We had to sneak him in at the end as the sun was setting.

photo by Jim Webb

Thanks again to Jim and Ali (and Simon and Ellie) for such a very fun afternoon. Be sure to check out Jim’s work in web design and photography too.  Stay tuned for some behind the scenes shots!

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December 28th, 2011

PJ Jensen Horse Sweater

Killer cute. Right? Bri Emery of designlovefest declares that this sweater captured her heart as soon as she saw it.  Which of course we agree with! The even lovelier part than lovely Bri Emery wearing a sweater with such a charming equine friend on it  is that it’s super easy to get and super easy on the wallet.  Thanks Urban Outfitters! Post-holiday gift to yourself? I’d say so.

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December 26th, 2011

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, and sweet wishes for a Happy New Year.  In these shortest days of the years I’m thinking long about wishing you and the sweet ponies in your life all the best for the new year.  I’m also thinking long about how thankful I am for your ongoing support and devotion to Three Days Three Ways and all things horses and style.  I can’t write to you nearly as much as I would like what with bustling in and out of the city for work but promises, promises it’s always what I’d rather be doing! Here’s to wishing you kisses under the mistletoe and candy canes for the year to come.


image via Dilly Dallas

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August 24th, 2011

Milly, Matchbook Magazine, and Three Days Three Ways

In case you missed it (I’m hopeful you didn’t) this month’s Matchbook Magazine featured Michelle of Milly. And if you didn’t miss it then you would have caught part of the layout that featured a close-up of fabric from a Milly dress…and one of the dresses Lynn wore so well in her recent photo shoot.

Look familiar?


Sharing something with Matchbook Magazine and Milly all at once seems somehow like hacking across a field in the fading summer sunlight after a spot-on jump school. In other words: perfect!


image via Matchbook magazine and by Josh Walker for the USEA

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May 23rd, 2011

Eventing Jog Fashion (Vintage)

Doesn’t she look like she’s jogging her horse at a three-day event? And that horse is no slouch, by the way. He is fit and strong. Do you think they were three-day eventers? Well, one can but hope. I wouldn’t be upset if someone rocked a Fall 3-day event jog with this look. Fair Hill, anyone? Just saying.

photo via London College of Fashion/The Woolmark Company

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April 12th, 2011

Vintage Hermes Equestrian Scarves

Dear Hermes,

Thank you for bringing together horses and fashion for us.  It’s like you captured the spirit of our horses galloping across a field on those misty cross-country mornings with their hearts, and ours, pounding – then laid it across our shoulders so we could take it with us everywhere.

Wear scarves like these around your neck or, if you can pull it off (I aspire to), on your head which would be so very Audrey Hepburn. With Spring being so moody and quick to grey and misty this would be the perfect time. Anyway, there’s no time like the present, right?

See more vintage Hermes scarves on Miss Moss.  Which one is your favorite?

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January 17th, 2011

Fashion Predictions (and Hopes) for 2011

by Shannon Crocker and Courtney Young

The jog lanes and cross-country courses will be hopping with style come Spring 2011 and we’re expecting to see several trends out in force.  Or, hoping to see them, at the very least.

With Boyd Martin and Will Coleman sporting grey jackets at competitions we’re expecting to see an uptick in the numbers cantering around the ring this Spring. A grey jacket looks professional and tidy while expressing a more unique style.

Speaking of jackets, we’re also expecting to see more of them coming in high-tech fabrics melding our equestrian past with our equestrian future especially since eventer favorite Doug Payne sports one. Get the same classic look but with new additions like stretch and wicking. Excellent especially for steamy show days. Try Animo Italia.

But it’s not just our jackets we’re expecting to see trending along certain lines. We’re also expecting to see more happening in the hair department on jog days. Perhaps thanks to Kate Middleton who has moved from “Waity Kaity” to Princess-in-Waiting, hair fascinators are an excellent way to accessorize your look for the jog lanes or the dance floor. Choose one that won’t spook your horse, though!

As our friends at Eventing Nation have noted, brown boots are all the rage in England. Expect that trend to be on the rise in the U.S. While our top riders can’t wear brown boots in the dressage ring at the FEI levels they sure can on cross-country. We recommend them all around.

What are you expecting to see (or hoping to see!) in 2011?

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September 12th, 2010

More Fashion from the American Eventing Championships

There has been no shortage of fashion at the USEA American Eventing Championships 2010. Samantha Clark of the 2010 WEG Radio Show kicks everything off with a sun hat that is both hip as well as charming. Her white sundress is perfect for the late Georgia summer. You can’t make it out, but her delicate gold necklace has two profile cut outs: one of a little boy and one of a little girl with her children’s names, Lily and Harry, engraved on them. She’s such an eventing fashion plate!

Samantha might hit the perfect note for a summer day at a horse trials but this little one, named Kaitlyn, has style plus attitude mastered. A pint-sized eventing fan complete with pink boots, denim dress and pig tails.  Plus, she should be teaching classes on posing.

We talked about how to create quarter marks at Rolex but this one really takes the cake.  A scull and cross bones is fun and still polished for the AECs.

Oh man. A kitty pirate and cross bones!  I lost my mind when I met this eventing pony and his smiling rider. I’ve decided I must have an eventing pony.  Perhaps this one.  Or maybe this one plus several more.

Oops.  Sorry. This isn’t a fashion photo.  Just another cute eventing pony and happy event rider.  I can’t help myself.  Can someone please get me an event pony?

Here we go. Back to fashion. I just loved this sun hat with the long braids.  Her outfit is cute and coordinated but entirely breezy for the heat.

I think something a little more interesting is going on here.  The style walks a remarkably fine line of retro sock hop and pop art all right out of the West Coast without ever getting messy or overdone.  Lord knows I’d never be able to pull it off but hats off to those who can!

Do these two look familiar? They’re the helpful eventers who handed Butters to Nate Chambers for his stunt on Rolling Stone. I caught them for an interview with the USEA but then had to snag a few pictures given the madras shorts and the red pants (which, though you can’t see, match with the rest of the team-we love that).

We’ve already seen this fashionista but I thought her outfit warranted a round two. Especially since she has a cute Cocker Spaniel friend.

I enjoy how the fashion at every event is different and that you never really know what will sift to the surface until you arrive.  It makes for great suspense!

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