Three Days Three Ways Contributors

Courtney Young

Courtney Young:

Courtney grew up in the rolling hills of Virginia as a Pony Clubber and competed through preliminary as a Young Rider but didn’t realize how good she had it until she headed off to New England for some clam chowder, snow drifts, and University. But horses never really left the blood stream. That’s how Three Days Three Ways came to be!

Peter Green

Peter Green:

A legend in 3-day eventing taking individual 8th in the World Championships in Loelheim, Germany and competed at the likes of Burghley, Blenheim, Badminton, Boekolo, as well as almost all the Rolex Three-Day Events from 1979 to 2004 on horses like Chivas Regal and Mind the Gap, to name a few. He was on the USEF Eventing Selection Committee for over fifteen years many of which he spent as chairman. He has been a formative influence on the sport of eventing buying, selling, and creating top horses, many of whom have gone on to represent the country in international competition.

Shannon Crocker

Shannon Crocker:

Shannon competed at the upper levels with her beloved big grey Jamison, placing 3rd at Radnor ** and completing Fair Hill *** when both were long format. A graduate of the University of Virginia, Shannon’s day job is with Microsoft Services. She’s married to Sean Crocker and they are having a wonderful time with their son Brodie.

Josh Walker

Josh Walker:

Josh Walker is the soul proprietor of Red Horse Media, a company dedicated to helping event riders, organizers, breeders, and owners promote their horses, themselves, their events, and their farms, as well as gain new sponsorship and publicity opportunities. Josh also handles most of the new media appearing on the USEA website including video, audio, photography, and other interactive elements. He is typically easy to spot at most competitions with multiple cameras and lenses hanging from each shoulder. Don’t be alarmed if he approaches you with cameras and microphones in hand and asks for an interview.

Silva Martin

Silva Martin:

Silva Martin is a Grand Prix dressage rider based out of True Prospect Farm in West Grove, PA. A licensed Bereiter from Germany, Silva now rides for the USA; her husband Boyd Martin is a member of the US Eventing team for the 2010 Alltech World Equestrian Games. Silva is a popular trainer and instructor of dressage and eventing riders.

Nico Morgan

Nico Morgan:

Nico is a British photographer specialising in equestrian themes. His work has been internationally published both in print and online and he is employed by several event photographers to cover major competitions for them. He works for a number of leading event riders, their sponsors and other equestrian clubs and companies. He is a contributor to Horse and Hound but is not Hugh Grant.



Simon is a King Charles Spaniel who enjoys walking cross-country courses and making friends at 3-day events. He loves to play fetch, nap, roll in horse poop, and accompany his co-contributor, Courtney, on equine road trips.


My name is Arabella, or as  much prefered being called, Bella. I am an english rider and enjoy hanging out with my friends –horses! I’m an english rider and Show Jump with Annie Oakley (aka Pony Ony), who is a Welsh Pony/Thouroughbred cross. I got her at an auction for $2,000 and I think that is the best money ever spent. She and I are starting in A Shows and jump 3’6 courses. While I enjoy the competition of show jumping, I also LOVE hacking out bareback in the woods.  My classmates always tell me that I’ve been bitten by a mad horse, and it’s too bad that they haven’t been either, because boy they sure are missing out!



I’m Alina and I am thirteen years old. I started riding when I was six while living in Kauniainen, Finland. I’ve been doing three-day eventing for a little over two years and my coach, Lisa Reid, found me my Appendix named Remi. I’m home schooled which gives me more time to ride and train my horse. Lucky me!

Leslie Threlkeld

Leslie Threlkeld:

Leslie Threlkeld began riding at age 6 and competed to the Preliminary level with her horse Sam before taking a break to get a Journalism degree at the University of Alabama. During school, she quickly realized that traditional news journalism wasn’t her cup of tea, and she decided to embrace her passions instead. Leslie is now a happy freelance journalist and photographer, specializing in all things equine.