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May 29th, 2012

Ellie gets Silly

We know Ellie is lovely and sweet.  But silly?  Yes.  For our photo shoot she was cooperative, patient, curious and, yes, silly.  Case in point:

photos by Jim Webb

What a sweet, silly girl.

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May 29th, 2012

A bit more fashion equestrian photography

photo by Jim Webb

More photos for you to enjoy style and horses all at once.  Above, we’re figuring out which earrings to wear.  And even there Ali is looking so very pretty in sparkles and a bow. And below pretty again with flowers fresh from the Farmer’s Market.

photo by Jim Webb

And then with Hunter Wellies in the foreground.

photo Jim Webb

photo by Jim Webb

Ellie was lovely as always.  And also super silly and fun.  She and Ali get silly for the camera.

And then a Devoucoux saddle waiting for a ride.

photo by Jim Webb

Fingers crossed for more photo shoots of horses and style to come.


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May 21st, 2012

Fashion Photography for the Equestrian World

photo by Jim Webb

When some people have free time they might go to brunch with friends, listen to the new Bon Iver album, or take their dog for a walk through the woods.  But me?  I gather up a photographer with serious talent and mad photography street cred,  a colleague who transcends the word ‘pretty’ and traipse off to the farm for a photo shoot. Speaking of which, endless thanks and kisses on both cheeks to Jim Webb and Ali who were game enough to trek through fields, laugh along with my sweet Ellie’s antics, and race the sunset to get just one more shot. I think it was all worth it and hope you do too.

photo by Jim Webb

We went out on a limb for the above shot with a vintage stole, silk tap pants, and (naturally) leopard-print heels.  Fun fact, Ali loves leopard prints and even has leopard-print Converse. How cute is that?!

Below, a simple black maxi dress is all that’s needed to echo Ellie’s pretty minimalism and black points.  She and Ali look like they were made for each other.  In fact, Ellie took right to Ali and they became fast friends.

photo by Jim Webb


Sexy doesn’t have to be a dress and heels.  Sometimes cutoffs and a plaid shirt are just the thing. Especially with a pair of Dolce Vita booties. And a Devoucoux saddle of course!

photo by Jim Webb

You didn’t think we were going to leave Simon out did you?  We had to sneak him in at the end as the sun was setting.

photo by Jim Webb

Thanks again to Jim and Ali (and Simon and Ellie) for such a very fun afternoon. Be sure to check out Jim’s work in web design and photography too.  Stay tuned for some behind the scenes shots!

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December 26th, 2011

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, and sweet wishes for a Happy New Year.  In these shortest days of the years I’m thinking long about wishing you and the sweet ponies in your life all the best for the new year.  I’m also thinking long about how thankful I am for your ongoing support and devotion to Three Days Three Ways and all things horses and style.  I can’t write to you nearly as much as I would like what with bustling in and out of the city for work but promises, promises it’s always what I’d rather be doing! Here’s to wishing you kisses under the mistletoe and candy canes for the year to come.


image via Dilly Dallas

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October 29th, 2011

Excitement at the Washington International Horse Show

The Washington International Horse Show does the impossible. It brings all of our favorite things right into the heart of the city. Into the heart of our capitol city, as a matter of fact. And with it comes everything we can dream of from masterful horsemanship and performance from the charming Australian Guy McLean

dashing terriers

perfect ponies, and lots and lots of teeteringly high jumps with horses soaring clear across. The temporary stalls squat right in the middle of the city across the street from the National Portrait Gallery (check out the collection of Native American Portraits in between rounds) and tuck in tight next to the Verizon Center where hockey, basketball, and, when the time is right, horses take center stage. It makes for something of a double take when walking down the street and you pass a museum, a club with party goers chatting on the sidewalk, clusters of tourists clutching maps, and then (don’t blink) you might miss the tiny white pony primly walking by led by its equally tiny rider on their way to their next class.  It’s refreshing, unexpected, and exciting.

What’s more, where we have horses and performance we have, inevitably, equestrian style.

We’ll have more on that soon thanks to the talent and vision of equestrian photographer Leslie Threlkeld.  For now I recommend grabbing a ticket for the show if you’re anywhere near by. Terriers on the run, darling ponies, heart-stopping showjumping feats, and classic equaestrian style may be part of your everyday life, but I doubt you get to do that in the heart of a beautiful city.  Grab your tickets online and Leslie and I will meet you there!

September 1st, 2011

Equestrian Office

It may not be my top choice to spend all day in an office (is it yours?) but I think if my office looked like this it would soften the blow. But, let’s be honest, any good horse dog worth their salt would be covered in dirt (or worse, ahem). Simon would be leading that charge! Do you think 4 pm is too early for a nip of that Crown Royal? What would you want your office to look like?

image via pinterest

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August 24th, 2011

Get Lynn’s Look: Garden Party (Eventer-Style)


It would be hard to beat this dress for a late summer cocktail party in the fading afternoon light. Wouldn’t it go perfectly with a margarita? The dress is Milly (which, incidentally takes the cover at my new favorite Matchbook Magazine) and is easy to get at Tully Rector in Middleburg. Just give them a call at (540) 687-5858. Pair the dress with a simple espadrille (since no doubt you’ll be transitioning from the field to the party). We loved the loose, summery curls that Lynn wears so well but it would look just as cute with a simple bun piled on the top of your head.  Many thanks to the ladies of Tully Rector for this Milly look!

photos by Josh Walker at the USEA

August 18th, 2011

Peonies, ponies, and flowers in our hair

Mostly this is just a little missive to you all to say how lovely it is when you write to me and how terribly I miss you.  Do you believe me when I say at any given point in the day I’d rather be writing for you?  It’s true, I swear it. For now I’ll fit it in where I can! And in the mean time these peonies are all summer summer summer

and so is this

Let’s ride bareback in cotton summer dresses with flowers in our hair aboard charging ponies. Ok?

photos via silver saga and once over lightly

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August 16th, 2011

Lynn Symansky: Rain or Shine in Milly NY

The truth is, that this is my favorite photo of the shoot Emily, Josh and I did with top event rider, Lynn Symansky.

She looks so adorably pretty, even while bracing for the shock of the incoming water.  I also love the picture because this look, much to my surprise, turned out to be my favorite despite its unwillingness to come together until the very last moment. We saved it for last in the off-chance that we didn’t get around to it.  So when we did, I threw together snippets that had been hovering in my mind including the black satin ribbon that I snatched from my purse and tied in her hair followed only seconds later by Emily’s insistence that we incorporate the peonies (she proved to be the best with color) I’d picked up just that morning. When Emily seized upon the idea to douse Lynn with water (thank goodness for the good nature of an eventer) the whole thing came together. To which the photos testify.

If you want Lynn’s look (and I wouldn’t be surprised) you can get her summery dress by Milly at Tully Rector and the cheery umbrella (for rain or shine!) from JCrew. Try your local farmer’s market for those brazen, bright pink peonies.

photography by Josh Walker at USEA

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July 29th, 2011

Get Lynn Symansky’s Look: Sweet Sailor


Lynn wears a sweet summery look inspired by sailors hauling in nets of lobsters on sail boats off the coast of Maine in August. She wears her own red and white striped Ralph Lauren shirt, high-waisted HABITUAL shorts, and Nine West espadrilles.   Her hair is impossibly adorable in a sweet side brain twisted into a classic chignon. Those baby blues? Sorry, we’re all out of luck there; those are all her own.



shirt/ shorts/ shoes

photos by Josh Walker for the United States Eventing Association

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