A Proper Introduction

Courtney Young {Founder and editor} loves the smell of new books and saddle soap, thinks the nicker of a horse in her ear is the finest sound in the universe, and let’s her tiny spaniel, Simon, do anything he likes.  She prefers boots and breeches to almost any outfit though a sundress and barefeet take a close second with the whirling delight of fashion barely a nose behind.  She’s confidant that a gentleman should always open the door and has a penchant for silhouettes and line-drawn illustrations a la Eloise. She would just as soon serve chocolate chip cookies with milk at a dinner party than anything else. She drinks Manhattans – on the rocks when she’s on vacation, straight if she’s had a long day.  She is convinced that the best way to learn how to ride is bareback on a fleet-footed pony. And that horses are the lifeblood that keeps her going.

What Is Three Days Three Ways

Three Days Three Ways is a blog that creates a place for eventers from all over the world to connect.  We pull back the curtain just the littlest bit so we can see the whirring, clicking, and humming that is the sport of three-day eventing.  It’s not just about horses, riders, and who won what.  It’s about who the upper-level riders really are after winning the blue-ribbon, what their horses are really like under that perfect show shine, and the people (like you) who make it happen. With some fashion and parties thrown in for good measure.

The History of Three Days Three Ways

I’m an eventer myself having come up through the ranks of Difficult Run Pony Club and then the USEA Young Rider program.  That’s fancy for:  I tore around bare-back on my teensy pony, Sun Polish, with my friends in Virginia then competed through preliminary before heading off to New England for some clam chowder, snow drifts, and University.  But horses never really left the blood stream.  I found myself crawling back to horses after I graduated and, a few years ago, ended up in Ocala, Florida working for Wendy Lewis.  I pitched the blog idea to her and she got behind it.  With her support (she came up with the name for starters) I discovered an untapped niche and turned it into this blog.

More on Three Days Three Ways

If you want to know more about Three Days Three Ways have a look-see at the contributing writers or check out more Three Days Three Ways content created in partnership with The Chronicle of the Horse, the Smart Pak blog,  and the USEA.

To Learn More about 3-Day Eventing

If you’re craving more info on 3-day eventing check out Discover Eventing, a site created by the USEA with excellent basics on the sport and how to get involved.

I’m glad you’re part of the Three Days Three Ways team. And I’m glad we’ve been properly introduced.