01 December 2011

Mystery Rider…from a jog?

Now that it’s the holiday season everything is cranberry and holly-jolly. But of course the only thing I notice in this seasonal mood board is the photo that,  I swear, is from a 3-day event jog. Any guesses as to who it is? I’m going with Max McManamy.

image by Camille Styles (friend to our fave, Ruby Assata!)

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By Courtney in Style | 4 Comments

4 Comments on “Mystery Rider…from a jog?”

  1. I say it is Pippa Middleton.


  2. Definitely Max – she wore that jacket at Bromont. I loved it.


  3. Holy cow, I’m in love with that jacket!


  4. Winner! Yes, it turns out it is in fact MAx…and that Kat Netzler took the photo. Small horse/ design world. Who knew?!


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