30 October 2011

Style at the Washington International Horse Show


There can be no dispute that the equestrian world has and still does influence style, fashion, and design.  After a week at the Washington International Horse Show we’re reminded exactly why that fashion world continues to draw on its equestrian friends for inspiration.

The equestrian world will continue to inspire designers around the world not just for the inherent style in our day-to-day lives whether a gleaming driving harness, a luxe wool rug, or the fine leather of our boots, but also for what we represent. The equestrian world is inspirational because it’s the symbiotic partnership between man and horse, it’s an afternoon hacking across a hillside in a Fall breeze, it’s dreams lived rather than dreams deferred. We are hope and happiness grounded in the sun rising early in the morning with the crunch of our boot on gravel as we prepare for a day with our horses. We don’t need an Hermes scarf to get that feeling. We already have it. We’re just passing it on.

A heartfelt thanks to Leslie Threlkeld for the beautiful photos that capture the essence of equestrian elegance and spirit. There will be more to see at her equine photography website so be sure to visit and dive into the Washington International Horse Show!

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3 Comments on “Style at the Washington International Horse Show”

  1. Beautiful last paragraph! Very uplifting, and a wonderful reminder of why we do all that we do to live the dream of having horses. You’re absolutely right: we don’t need an Hermes scarf to get that feeling.

    love this post, millions of thanks! xo


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