17 October 2011

Ivy League Equestrian Style

The leaves have started to take a turn for the Fall and blankets are appearing across the backs of peach-fuzzed ponies across hillsides from Virginia to Michigan. It’s Fall and that means a lot of great things including sipping hot apple cider, crunching leaves underneath trotting hooves, and, certainly, incredible Fall fashion. This take on Ivy League equestrian style would be hard to beat: britches, tweed jacket, and a classic blue oxford shirt. Did you catch the glimpse of her red belt? We would talk about physics, Faulkner, and Badminton over a cup of hot apple cider. I’m in. Will you come?

If you’re coveting the look as much as I am try going in for the jacket/ shirt/ heelspurse. You already have the britches so that’s a no-brainer. Don’t you love being a fashionista’s inspiration?!

image by Elizabeth Lippman via The New York Times


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By Courtney in Style | 2 Comments

2 Comments on “Ivy League Equestrian Style”

  1. Oh no. I’m not tramping across campus in those heels.


  2. J.Crew is the arch-nemesis of my bank account. I cannot resist.

    Like this: http://www.jcrew.com/womens_category/blazersandvests/hacking/PRDOVR~51884/51884.jsp


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