24 August 2011

Get Lynn’s Look: Garden Party (Eventer-Style)


It would be hard to beat this dress for a late summer cocktail party in the fading afternoon light. Wouldn’t it go perfectly with a margarita? The dress is Milly (which, incidentally takes the cover at my new favorite Matchbook Magazine) and is easy to get at Tully Rector in Middleburg. Just give them a call at (540) 687-5858. Pair the dress with a simple espadrille (since no doubt you’ll be transitioning from the field to the party). We loved the loose, summery curls that Lynn wears so well but it would look just as cute with a simple bun piled on the top of your head.  Many thanks to the ladies of Tully Rector for this Milly look!

photos by Josh Walker at the USEA

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5 Comments on “Get Lynn’s Look: Garden Party (Eventer-Style)”

  1. Love the dress! (and I think Matchbook needs to feature us equestrians!)

    A fall trend that is perfect for horse girls… all the dark nail polish to hide the dirt :)



  2. Sorry, a follow up comment. I linked to your blog and a particular interview you did regarding owners of event horses. I don’t want to be violating your content policies, so please let me know if I have, and I will remove the link immediately.

    best, Corinna

    (p.s. this is the post I used that references your blog: http://ribbonsandredtape.blogspot.com/2011/08/equine-syndication-and-how-to-own-16.html)


  3. A friend of mine just landed an graphic design internship with Matchbook. I cannot tell you how envious I am of her! LOVE the outfit!


  4. Ahh! Mandy that’s so exciting! Tell your friend that we’re so excited for her. We’re with you on the envious front. Oooh can’t wait to see her contributions. You’ll have to give us all a heads up. Thanks for the props on the outfit. Lynn, of course, made for an excellent model :-)


  5. Corinna you’re so thoughtful. I don’t have any concerns but am grateful that you asked. I’m so glad to be in touch!


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