18 August 2011

Peonies, ponies, and flowers in our hair

Mostly this is just a little missive to you all to say how lovely it is when you write to me and how terribly I miss you.  Do you believe me when I say at any given point in the day I’d rather be writing for you?  It’s true, I swear it. For now I’ll fit it in where I can! And in the mean time these peonies are all summer summer summer

and so is this

Let’s ride bareback in cotton summer dresses with flowers in our hair aboard charging ponies. Ok?

photos via silver saga and once over lightly

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By Courtney in Photography, Style | 2 Comments

2 Comments on “Peonies, ponies, and flowers in our hair”

  1. Glad to see some new posts, I know it is time consuming, but would love to see more!

    The equestrian presence in fashion and music and TV this fall is fantastic! I posted an awesome music video to my blog today that actually revolves around dressage and jumping… lucky us!



  2. I know, I know. It IS time consuming but there’s certainly nothing else I’d rather be doing! Thanks for the tip-off on the music video you posted. Rad! Fashion, music, and equestrian inspiration all coming together? Corinna we’re in heaven!


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