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July 29th, 2011

Get Lynn Symansky’s Look: Sweet Sailor


Lynn wears a sweet summery look inspired by sailors hauling in nets of lobsters on sail boats off the coast of Maine in August. She wears her own red and white striped Ralph Lauren shirt, high-waisted HABITUAL shorts, and Nine West espadrilles.   Her hair is impossibly adorable in a sweet side brain twisted into a classic chignon. Those baby blues? Sorry, we’re all out of luck there; those are all her own.



shirt/ shorts/ shoes

photos by Josh Walker for the United States Eventing Association

July 28th, 2011

Behind-the-Scenes with Lynn Symansky

This photo shoot was a long time in coming.  I’d say a year, maybe more. So when Emily, Josh and I finally rolled up to Lynn Symansky’s Farm in Middleburg, VA, you could say we were prepared.

We shot the first look against the backdrop of a neighboring field.  We all loved Lynn in the pretty summer frock on the dirt bike.  All eventer all the way! As you can see from the angle of this photo Lynn’s dog is all eyes on her.

He’d clearly follow her through the mud and muck to stay with her….or across a pasture at dirt-bike pace! This is one of my favorite photos of the two.

In true eventer fashion Lynn pitched in with whatever needed to get done. When we decided to put both Fergus (‘No It Tissant’) and Donner in the shoot we needed their leather halters. They weren’t in the barn but Lynn made quick work of that with a trip on the dirt bike, and cut quite the picture too!


You’ll notice, of course, that Donner is nowhere to be seen in the shots with Lynn and Fergus.  The behind-the-scenes scoop is that Donner included some athletic acrobatics on account of his being 3-day fit. Fergus led the way after that.

In the interview in the USEA Magazine Lynn talks about growing up in the saddle. It made my day to get this gem of a photo from Lynn to share with everyone. Classic! I’m pretty sure that’s what they call “short stirrup”! Lynn’s riding the family horse ‘Stewball’ who had her own part in history in a few old Westerns. I vote for a movie night with Lynn and we can watch Stewball in her starring roles. Pass the popcorn please!

The shoot itself was fun from start to finish-in no small part thanks to Lynn’s outgoing attitude, easy laugh, and positive attitude.

And where the photos, in the end, are perfect moments captured handily by Josh Walker, you can see that there was much happening to bring it all together.  Below is our crew working on the last look.  You can see Lynn clearly. The rest of us, from left to right, are Shandra (hair), Emily, Josh, Lordes (makeup), me.

We wish you had been there! Hopefully the photos help bring you there a little more. We had such fun and hope you’re enjoying the photos and interview from the shoot.

There’s still so much to share from how to get Lynn’s looks to her own favorite style and design picks. Are you in then? Let’s have a look!

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