11 April 2011

Black Beauty Embroidered Book Cover

I nearly fell out of my chair when I saw these embroidered books by Jillian Tamaki for Penguin Books on Black Eiffel.  Naturally ‘Black Beauty’ was my favorite.  Aren’t they exquisite?  The craft of the whole process has me swooning and the way she’s able to capture such power and movement has me doing twirls.

Here’s Miss Tamaki hard at work. I wish I could bring her a cup of tea and hover over her shoulder to watch. I would bring her Harney & Sons “Paris” because it’s my favorite.

I know this one doesn’t have anything to do with horses but I love ‘Emma’. Don’t you? Anyway, Janue Austen is full of horses and carriages not to mention incredible clothes.

I love it when horses and art intersect.  It just makes my day.  I hope it makes yours too.

p.s. I’ve missed you.

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By Courtney in Style | 2 Comments

2 Comments on “Black Beauty Embroidered Book Cover”

  1. oh how delightful! yes – tales of horses, beautiful inspired art, and anything jane austen – all good things. you made my morning! :) love your blog- found it recently. please keep it up – it’s a delicious bit of beauty and taste in an equestrian world that can so lack that sometimes. x kristie


  2. Hi Kristie! I’m so thrilled you found Three Days Three Ways and have been enjoying the bits of art and style mixed in with this horsey world of ours. And I’m glad these books made your morning….they sure did make my day! xoxo C


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