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March 23rd, 2011

Losing Elizabeth Taylor

Today we lost Elizabeth Taylor who was not only one of Hollywood’s great leading ladies, but also a cinematic 3-day eventing star with her turn as ‘Velvet’ in National Velvet.  It seems like a nice time to take a trip down memory lane with her and her equine friend, Pie.  We’ll remember her and strive to emulate her effortless glamour and bravery.

March 18th, 2011

Happy Weekend!

Recently it has felt like I wake up when it’s dark, sit down in front of my computer, and suddenly it’s 6pm. Does that ever happen to you?  Sheesh. Hopefully as the days grow longer and it starts to feel more like water-skiing-on-Lake George-weather and less like bundle-in-twenty-seven-layers-weather that feeling will ease. Let’s hope for that. In the mean time I’ll be babysitting my adorable niece this Saturday while her parents are away and then I’ll be styling a photo shoot on Sunday. Won’t that be fun?  I hope your weekend is all satin ribbons and pony tails.

Crusade Against Colic. Plus, what a sweet logo.

Ariat is saying that their britches are guaranteed to fit. Try it out.

Catch up with top eventer Allison Springer.

Joules is taking their place in the world of horses-and fashion

If you couldn’t make it to the Derby Cross in Wellington at least indulge in the photos!

photo by Koto Bolofo for Hermes via Habitually Chic

March 16th, 2011

Audrey Hepburn Equestrian Inspiration

I’m hoping that this lovely image of Audrey Hepburn, style icon, will both inspire you and beg my forgiveness for having been so absent. I’m climbing out from under a pile of work. Wait for me?

P.S. Turtlenecks are in for Fall.  Audrey always pulled them off. Can you?

image via lovely ness

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March 2nd, 2011

Spring Equestrian Weddings

Galloping in on your horse in a white wedding dress. Now that’s an entrance.  With Spring peeking it’s head through the snow I’m dreaming of sun dresses and picnics. Not to mention galloping cross-country courses. These wedding images captured my imagination and I thought they might do the same for you.

Polka-dot wellies with your wedding dress?  Yes! Peonies, bicycles, and vintage dress?  Definitely.  But next time let’s put Simon in the basket with the peonies.

That horse is sweet, you can just tell.  And the bride is lovely and romantic, especially with that flower in her dark curls.

Donkeys make such excellent photography subjects.  Those ears. Always endearing. I’ve added 1 donkey to my wish list along with 1 tiny eventing pony and the Annina Vogel horseshoe necklace.

Happy hope-it’s-Spring-soon Wednesday.

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March 1st, 2011

Equine-Inspired Design

There’s no need to banish your horse to the barn.  Bring him right into the living room (or bedroom or dining room) with your design.  I’m swooning over this re-purposing of your hard-earned ribbons that arrived here via Design is Mine. Choose your color scheme and you’re all set.  Shall we go with blue?

I may love this design idea even more given my affection for painting and illustration. A painted frame with your ribbons hanging prettily inside is a clever way to incorporate your success into a design-savvy life. Then your ribbons are front and center rather than tucked under the bed.

image via Design is Mine

The following images all come from Habitually Chic, a blog that’s, indeed, habitually chic and showcases hip, chic, and stylish interior design.  I love how horses are such a coveted design theme.

See more equestrian chic design inspirations here. How do you incorporate horses into your home’s interior?

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