26 January 2011

Horses in the Morning

I just had the honor of chatting with Jamie and Glenn over at Horses in the Morning about clothes and trends and fashion. While I think Jamie picked right up on the chic 70’s trend of secretary blouses I’m worried about where Glenn will take the concept. Not so much leisure suit and disco balls, Glenn!  Call me before you do anything rash!  I thought you all might like to hear our conversation too and so you shall. Hop over to Horses in the Morning to hear a recording!  You can also scroll down for the trends we discussed and where to get them. Thanks again, Jamie and Glenn!

The 70’s are in and a secretary blouse works whether you’re having a flat school or hacking through early Sping blossoms (we can dream, right?).

So cute with boots and britches or with your jeans and boots for drinks after the barn.  Get it at Top Shop for 38 pounds.

My fave trend, though, is the striped sailor shirt that’s all over the fashion blogs. With horizontal stripes it’s casual enough to wear with your jeans and paddock boots (ahem, Jamie) but cute enough for when you meet your bestie for hot chocolate (with marshmallows) at a cafe in Paris.

My favorite is the Chance Co. striped boatneck. I’ve already got stripes in my drawer but I think that neckline is so lovely. I think I’ll need that one too. Put it in your own drawers for $60.00.  For gents there’s the St. James Matelot sweater. So handsome and entirely practical in this ghastly frigid and wet weather. It’s all yours for $170.

While all these looks work in the saddle and out Jamie, Glenn, and I also discussed competition style. The two styles I’ve noticed on the uptick are Tweed jackets as well as jackets with high tech fabrics (something Shannon and I talked about in our 2011 Fashion predictions).  Jamie seemed sceptical about the Tweed jackets but I’m telling you to go out on a limb now. Really, could Jackie O really be wrong?

images via Habitually Chic

And, as I pointed out, Bruce Davidson is always in tweed for lower level competitions as is the custom in England. It’s a custom I’m behind 100%! And, most certainly, that’s what I’ll be wearing this Spring and Jamie has climbed on board as well. Get your tweed jacket at your tack shop around the corner, online, or (my favorite if you can get there) at the Middleburg Tack Exchange.  I found this R.J. Classics at Dover for $270.00.

I attribute this slow influence of tweed in eventing circles to the stylings of Bruce Davidson as well as to our hunter and jumper friends who are, for the most part, a step or two ahead of us eventers in the style department. They know there’s nothing wrong with looking great on a horse and you’ll see tweed in all shades at a hunter show. Cross the aisle and make friends. Hunter/ jumpers have fashion advice to spare and I suggest we take it.

While tweed might be a vintage throw back, the other competition style trend we discussed is the high-tech fabrics in jackets. You’ll be able to find this in a few places including ANIMO Italia as well as Nathalie Breeches as profiled by the new online magazine The Chronicle Connection now published by The Chronicle of the Horse. How clever of them. It’s horses and style all rolled into one and we’re a fan of that on Three Days Three Ways. If you haven’t already received it make sure you get a copy and subscribe!

And, Jamie, you’re already looking adorable in those jeans and paddock boots. Don’t knock your style. Just throw on a sailor shirt and you’re reading for Manhattan!  Thanks again to Jamie and Glenn at Horses in the Morning for the most delightful start to my day.

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