23 December 2010

Top Eventing Groom Emma Ford Hashes Out Her Christmas Wish List (Take Notes!)

Emma Ford, top groom to top eventer Phillip Dutton, walks us through her Christmas Wish List for 2010. For starters, I think we need to try and get her something like this!

Cleaning Fairy via Any Place Farm

Emma Ford’s Christmas Wish List:

1. Have Phillip be tidy in the tack stalls. He gets a corner and he just explodes. It doesn’t matter how tidy I try to keep it – it just goes everywhere! I need a Fairy Tidier. Boyd‘s groom is in on that to. Is it an Australian men’s mentality?

2.  For shows I was thinking in an ideal world I would love everything to be matching – coolers, blankets, wraps, everything.

3. Bell boots that never come off after cross-country. I’ve probably lost 10 pairs this year.  I haven’t found a make that stays on.

4. A perfect ice boot that any horse will stand in and you don’t have to stay with them.

5. Jammies that the Australians had at the WEGs from their head down to their toes.

6.  Stall mucking fairies.

True Prospect Farm Barn Wishes:

1. Heated water spigots out to every paddock

2. Heated wash stalls

3. In England some barns have a special room to hose down blankets then it’s heated so they dry too. So, a heated drying area for blankets.

4. Tack cleaning fairy

5.  A continuous supply of hot coffee and working students

6. Fairy barn cleaner to de cobweb and clean brass

7.  Pooper scooper

8. To be sponsored by L.L. Bean and have fleece-lined jeans

9. To be sponsored by Starbucks

and Godiva Chocolate

Thanks Emma!  Make sure to check your stocking this Christmas to see how much of that Santa and his Three Days Three Ways elves have managed to stuff in there.

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2 Comments on “Top Eventing Groom Emma Ford Hashes Out Her Christmas Wish List (Take Notes!)”

  1. Haha! I would love to be a working student at true prospect farm! Great wishlist items – I like the Starbucks and Godiva sponsorship ideas 😀


  2. Thank you for crediting me for the Cleaning Fairy! She’s the Glue Fairy on my blog, because she’s who has kept me in the tack many times when I have no idea how else I could have stayed there! Clearly, she is a fairy of many talents!

    Thanks again!


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