03 October 2010

Word on The Street: Michael Jung’s Horse Sold for a Million Pounds

The jogs were cold and dreary this morning but the news on the street is hot.  Rumor has it that Michael Jung’s horse, La Biosthetique Sam, both currently in first at the World Equestrian Games, has been sold for at least 1 million pounds.

photo by Josh Walker

What’s more, we’ve also hear that dressage super-star and multi-gold medal winner at the World Equestrian Games, Moorlands Totilas,  is not on the flight back to Europe with the other horses leading to buzz that he’s been sold to an American.  What kind of price tag would accompany that horse?  It also could be that his performance was such that he now deserves his own private jet.  Any horse that has our permission to wear gold bell boots might also have his own plane.

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2 Comments on “Word on The Street: Michael Jung’s Horse Sold for a Million Pounds”

  1. Totilas is back home. Check the website http://www.edwardgal.nl!


  2. Funny story – I heard from some reliable sources that Totilas DOES indeed fly on his own plane, due the fact that his behavior is a bit, how to put it, too studly.


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