03 October 2010

American Pride, Red Boots, Ray Bans, and WEG Cross-Country

Cross-Country day at the World Equestrian Games had the feel of a massive music festival with fans camped out across the vast lawns of the Kentucky Horse Park on blankets, camp chairs, with babies and baby carriages, and plenty of team spirit.

Do these friends look familiar?  Those two in the front are out friends from dressage freestyle Samantha and Therese. I love crossing paths all over WEGs!  The two in the back?  new friends from New Zealand?  These two eventing fans decided that not only was it an excellent idea to attend the World Equestriuan Games in the US but also to travel for 5 weeks in the states to see everything from coast to coast. Fingers crossed that we’ve showed them a good time!  Do you think they’d let me bunk with them to go hang with the Kiwi eventers?  Speaking of, is anyone else in love with Jonathan Paget?

Megan caught my eye immediately.  She’s showing us prep from start to finish which happens to be quite en vogue right now.  From the Ray Bans to the turtle neck to the argyle she’s got prep down pat.  One detail you can’t see but that I quite liked were her brown, lace up paddock boots.  The perfect note of throw-back and equestrian to make her look both classic as well as unique. I even love the binoculars around her neck.  Maybe I’ll start wearing them too. If you’re going to go for prep then let Megan be your role model.

This event fan adds a number to my tally of those who can pull off polo shirts bringing it to one. Her outfit is simple but has impact in the just the right places.  Blue sunglasses and red boots pull together the colors in her polo shirt and make her stand out.  There’s nothing we can do about getting her pretty, red hair but that certainly is adorable.

Close up. I can’t help myself.  You know I love red shoes.  Should I get green wellies or red wellies?

By late afternoon the weather turned from hot to windy and chilly.  Luckily this outrider had on just the jacket to keep her warm and looking sharp to boot.

Demonstrating everything we need out on cross-country: camera, rain boots, and caffeine.

I don’t think we’ll be needing any caffeine to keep us awake as we watch the showjumping today.  With the standings mere rails apart we’ll be on the edge of our seats already. If you haven’t been following the USEA’s live scoring I highly recommend you do that.  They’ll have every moment sent right to you making you part of the action both for those of you at home and for those of you in the stands!

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4 Comments on “American Pride, Red Boots, Ray Bans, and WEG Cross-Country”

  1. Hey! That last picture is me on the right! We were so exhausted after walking the entire course all day. That caffeine was much needed, but at least I got some great pictures that day!


  2. Crazy small world story about the second photo! I pony clubbed as was friends with Sam, in the middle, for years – and Nat, on the right with the fab shades, is my best friend Carrie’s bff – IN NZ! 😉 They just happened to meet up on the cross country course amidst 50,000 people AND run into Courtney! Crazy….


  3. Hey Lei Ruckle looking good outriding on Sarge!!! Heard you were an excellent help in the Equine Village too!!


  4. What about that AT&T saddle Pad !!! Looks good…Think I will switch to AT&T!!!


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