30 September 2010

3 Girls and an Ax Vs. an ecogold cross-country boot (plus magic)

The best event horses and event riders will be charging around the World Equestrian Games cross-country course in part of their quest for gold.  Each of them will be protecting their horse’s legs with boots.  But which boots?

I wonder a lot about cross-country boots and what makes a good one.  Certainly I wonder about strength and ability to withstand impact.  Ecogold took an ax to their cross-country boots to test their strength.  So I thought I’d enlist some friends to find out just how strong they were. Plus, my sweet Ellie makes a cameo appearance.  Can you forgive me for her, uh, dusty turnout?  Wendy Lewis and Shannon Crocker will never let me live it down! But I hope you will.

Note: if you want to skip right to the part with the magic, girls, and the ax forward to 2:52!

Did you notice the great music at the beginning and end of the video?  That would be Templeton Thompson, singer songwriter extraordinaire, horse lover, and one of the kindest, warmest people I know.  Make sure to check out more of her music to really indulge.

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  1. This video is unbelievably adorable!


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