28 September 2010

Simon Helps Me Pack for the WEGs

Where would I be without Simon?  He helped me pick out all the mandatory clothes for the 2010 World Equestrian Games, as you can see. I never would have made it without his critical intervention! I’ll be seeing you soon in Kentucky. And what fun we’ll have!

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By Courtney in Road Trips | 2 Comments

2 Comments on “Simon Helps Me Pack for the WEGs”

  1. As a fellow WEG’r in the next couple of days, what are you packing? My room looks like a mess right now trying to figure that out!


  2. I know Mandy, as you can tell my own room looked much the same. In the end I brought it all. It’s cool in the mornings and can be warm during the day. Opt for layers and bring jackets. The truth is in the end I threw everything in from dresses and tights to jeans and wellies. See you soon!


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