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August 30th, 2010

Jennie Brannigan gets WISE. And a Special Gray Foal

When 3-day eventing intersects with fashion I’m one happy girl.  That’s why I just had to talk with Jennie Brannigan about her WISE Equestrian sponsorship.  I first fell in love with the company and its boots at Rolex this past Spring and have been daydreaming about them since.  The bonus here is that you get to hear about these spectacular boots plus get some more one-on-one time with Jennie, which I know you’re looking for! So keep reading for her take on the boots as well as the inside scoop on one particular gray foal who has an uncanny resemblance to Cooper.

Q.  How long has WISE equestrian been one of your sponsors?

A.  We started talking about it last Fall and this summer I got the boots. He’s [Ronald Zabala] starting whole line of a lot of products like saddles and bridles and breeches- pretty much everything you can think of.  There’s also a kid’s book about [CHE Mr.]Wise Guy.

Q.  What’s the process like of getting a pair of custom boots?

A.  I know how to measure now!  You can approach me since I know how.  About six weeks later you get your boots. Eric Dierks bought a couple pairs at Rolex and enjoys them.

Q.  What can you tell us about the boots?

A.  They’re really comfortable. I remember getting a pair about four years ago and I was at a jumper show and I showed in them that day.  They don’t break in-you put them on and they’re ready to go.  I’ve never gotten a blister from a pair and I’ve ridden in them a lot.  They’re stunning.  You can get any design, toe, heel, color, country flags, it’s crazy.  They’re truly customized.  A showjumper on the West Coast, Ashley Vaughn, has an American flag on the top of her boots.  I rode in a pair when I took Cooper to Young Riders, they were grey with blue tops.  The ones I wore at Stuart were dark brown with a pretty, light stripe.  I also have black with patent leather. I love being a little bit out there and pushing the envelope and being a litle different.

To each his own.  I support rocking leaoprd print but I’m kind of lame and don’t like polos [wraps] being crazy colors.  I’m not really someone who likes really bright colors even in my own wardrobe. I’m riding in more traditional colors for FEI competitions.  On the West Coast they took over the hunter jumper scene. It’s exciting Ronald is taking over since everything he does he does well and 100%.  It’s pretty neat.  People obviously balk at the price, but I’ve had Der Daus and Ariats and there’s nothing I despise more than boots that don’t fit well.

Q.  What’s Ronald Zabala like?

A.  He’s toally talkative and really easy going.  He’s someone who really loves their horses.  Everyone say that but Ronald adores WiseGuy and knows how special he is.  It’s really refreshing having him around the barn and seeing that and remembering this is what its about-the connection and bond.   Anything he can do he gives it. He’s a good guy. You could walk up to him and talk to him for an hour.  There’s nothing ostentatious about him.  He’s down to earth but you can tell he’s motivated and has goals and has good ideas.  He’s motivated to make his name in this industry.

Ronald on WiseGuy. Photo by Josh Walker at the USEA.

Q.  What’s the connection between Che Mr. WISEguy and Cooper?

A.  Ronald and Che Mr. WISEguy will, knock on wood, be riding at the World Equestrian Games this fall.  He’s done work to reproduce horses with that same line.  Last fall he was trotting around talking about how he needs to breed WiseGuy’s mother to a stallion with live semen since she’s older and couldn’t breed to WiseGuy’s father the first time.  He was looking at stallions and looking at stallions and I said why don’t you breed WiseGuy’s mom to Coopers dad?  Ronald loved Cooper and came to the hospital when he was there.  He’s always been a big fan and liked a lot of things about him.  He said that’s a good idea. Wise Guy’s owner are over here and I hit it off with her; she’s really lovely and followed Cooper and the blog and she’s really nice.  I feel like we have between the four of us this little thing in common and when I had to put Cooper down Ronald promised me that I’d get to ride Wise Cooper. I got a little emotional when he was born.

photo courtesy of Jennie Brannigan

I didn’t think much of it and then he sent me pictures and it brought me back a little bit to think about how much I do miss Cooper still.  It’s a really cute baby.  It’s gonna be gray like Cooper.

photo courtesy of Jennie Brannigan

It was fun to talk with Jennie-we covered three of my favorite subjects: Eventing, style, and foals.  That’s a winner.  If you’d like to get yourself (or someone you love a lot) a pair of WISE Equestrian boots you can track Jennie down at a competition. Just consult her schedule or contact her.

Jennie and Cooper. Photo by Josh Walker via USEA

August 27th, 2010

Happy Weekend!

This work by Lauren DiCioccio makes me feel like I’m galloping cross-country. I can practically hear the wind in my ears and feel Ellie’s hooves pounding underneath me. This weekend will be full of summer afternoons at the beach and early mornings in a shady dressage ring.  I hope yours is filled with horses wherever you are.

Thanks to the  Chronicle of the Horse for the heads up that Eventing gets “air time” in The New York Times

WEG short-lister Will Faudree in the news: The loss of a sister and the hope of the future

The WEG dressage team, with wit

Dressage at Richland Park Horse Trials

PRO rider Doug Payne direct from Richland with a dog named Bacon

Get your American Eventing Championships Patrons pass before they sell out!

As per usual some Three Days Three Ways posts, this time from some of your WEG candidates!

Boyd Martin: How he Proposed to His Wife, Getting Fit without Going Fast, and an Olympic Legacy

Phillip Dutton Ends 2009 on Top, Wins Coach of the Year, and the Horse Who Changed his Life

Buck Davidson: The Horse That Broke His Heart, That “It” Thing, and Fierce Friendships

Amy Tryon Balances Olympic Medals, Losing Le Samurai, and Paradise in the North West

(image by Lauren DiCioccio)

August 26th, 2010

Eventing Radio with Phillip Dutton and Will Faudree

Listen Now:


Will Faudree and Phillip Dutton join us this week while they were on the road and on their journey to the final selection trials for WEG. Take a listen…

Eventing Radio Episode 94 – Show Notes and Links:

August 25th, 2010

Hitchhiking to the WEG’s. Next Stop Richland Park Horse Trials

If I was hitchhiking to the World Equestrian Games then I’d definitely get picked up on the road to Richland Park Horse Trials.  Every eventer under the sun is headed there this weekend including Will Coleman, Bruce and Buck Davidson, Mara Dean, Kim Severson, and Jose Ortelli.  Don’t you wish you were with them (and if you are, lucky you!).  It seems that the options for fine events in the US is endless and Richland Park Horse Trials is one of them.

Richland Park Horse Trials offers a CIC 3-star, CIC 2-star, as well as horse trial divisions Novice through Advanced.  It’s one of the sites for the Adequan Gold Cup Series as well as the Young Event Horse Series plus the PRO Pro/Am Team Competition Series.  Goodness, it will be an action packed weekend! If you can hardly wait for the event to begin then take a look at some of the photos from 2009.

The famed Olympic Medalist and Badminton winner, Ian Stark, has designed the cross-country course which means you’ll be getting the best of the best (with a Scottish accent which makes everything twice as nice).

(image via Dunster’s Equine)

The schedule will be busy and starts today with FEI stabling inspections.  The rest of the weekend is as one might expect what with dressage on Thursday and Friday.  But then Richland gets creative, running  cross-country on both Saturday (including the CIC 3* and CIC 2*) and Sunday (Training and Novice) which I think is rather clever and fun.

Vendors and sponsors will be in attendance and I’d recommend checking them out if not because they’re providing critical support for the sport we love than because there are some delightful ones!  I’m feeling partial to Bit of Britain: Since they’re one of the greatest 3-day eventing supporters; Cold Stone Creamery: Because it’s ice cream with delishousness in it!; Magic Tree Rocking Horses: Since they make such pretty, vintage-style rocking horses; and Xpress Photo: Since the photographers are always the ones out there in the heat/ sleet/ fog/ rain getting that perfect shot capturing your grin that says it all.

Battle Creek Enquirer has already picked up on the competition so you may want to check in and see what they have to say (good things!).

If you won’t be riding this weekend but want to fill up the tank and hit the road you can plan on paying $10 for a single day or $15 for the weekend.  But don’t despair.  All parking proceeds will go to Chaff Therapeutic Riding Center in Augusta, Michigan which provides riding experiences for special needs children and adults.  Isn’t that the loveliest thing you’ve ever heard?

If you have a moment I recommend looking into the history of Richland which is as heart warming as it is inspiring. Live your dreams, right? And live it up at Richland Park Horse Trials!

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August 23rd, 2010

A Local’s Guide to Lexington, KY

There will be much revelry at the World Equestrian Games this Fall especially with us having the hometown advantage.  And what with the soaring showjumpers, the piaffing warmbloods, and cowboy hat-wearing reiners (to name just a few) there will hardly be a moment to spare.  Though, I beg you, spare at least a few because, while the wonders of the World Equestrian Games will be limitless, the delights of Lexington, Kentucky will be just a stone’s throw away.  After all, it’s not just the horses for which the enthusiasts will be flocking to Kentucky.  It’s the culture too.  So I’ll be there to watch our favorite eventers duel with the worlds’ greats, but I’ll also be taking a few moments to enjoy these local hot spots culled from Lexingtonians (do you call them that?). An insider’s guide to Lexington, if you will.

Joseph-Beth Bookseller

I’m a fan of the local bookstore.  It’s got character, a personal connection, and, well, books! You might catch me in the stacks browsing some equestrian favorites here. It comes complete with an in-store Bistro so you can buy that must-read and indulge right away over a steamy cup of cocoa (my personal choice).

161 Lexington Green Cir # B
Lexington, KY 40503
(859) 273-2911

Keeneland Track Kitchen

We talked about the Keeneland Track Kitchen when we took our last road trip to Lexington during Rolex. I’m going back for more biscuits with gravy and milling with the jockeys, trainers, grooms, and exercise riders.  It feels like we’re characters straight out of your favorite novel (romance or mystery). Open daily at 6am.  Catch some morning gallops while you’re at it.

4201 Versailles Road
Lexington, Kentucky 40588-1690
(859) 288-4147

Ramsey’s Diner

(image via I Like to Eat)

I’m a big eater and spend a lot of my waking hours planning out when I’m going to eat and what exactly it will be (for instance, tonight I’ll be enjoying this mouth-watering dish).  I can always go for a down-home diner; and in Lexington that’s a must. Added bonus: they’re known for their pies.  Bring it on.

496 E High St
Lexington, KY 40507-1930
(859) 259-2708


You’re not surprised to find more food on this list, are you? Azur offers innovative cuisine made from local ingredients as well as a fresh catch flown in daily from Hawaii all in a contemporary environment.  And, if the weather gods are smiling down on us this Fall, Azur is the perfect spot to eat outside on their patio.  Jeremy Ashby, head chef at Azur, will be cooking at the World Equestrian Games in the Celebrity Chef Dinner: Cookin’ in the Bluegrass series on October 6th so you may be able to enjoy this Lexington gem in multiple ways. Sign me up!

Beaumont Centre
3070 Lakecrest Circle, suite 550
Lexington, KY 40513
(859) 296-1007

Shaker Village of Pleasant Hill

Maybe it’s just me but the history of the Shaker culture is sort of captivating in that vanishing-peoples-kind-of-way.  Harrodsburg is just outside of Lexington and would be worth the day trip what with the living history museum, craft store, and riverboat rides.  You might even be interested in bunking at their inn for an experience steeped in Kentucky. I must admit, my imagination runs a little wild when I think about the horses, farm, and people who once lived there. See for yourself.  My sweet Ellie and I may need to road trip there.  What do you think?

3501 Lexington Road
Harrodsburg, KY 40330
(859) 734-7278

Heaven Hill Distilleries

Sure, you can jump on the Bourbon Trail to experience Kentucky’s classic bourbon, but I suggest you leap frog to the best.  That’s just my style. The insider’s suggestion for the best bourbon is Elijah Craig made at Heaven Hill Distilleries, a family-owned business since 1933.  This bourbon has won the blue ribbon at the San Francisco World’s Spirits Competition as well as in the Best of the Best by Whisky Magazine.  Plus, the history is all intrigue and romance with a minister, Prohibition, dramatic fires, and (of course) Bourbon. Added bonus: There’s an 18-year old single barrel version as well if you want to really celebrate and toast your favorite eventer!  Visit the distillery Tuesday-Saturday 10am-5pm.

Bourbon Heritage Center
1311 Gilkey Run Road
Bardstown, KY 40004
(502) 337-1000

This list is my no means exhaustive but should give you an insider’s glimpse into Lexington, Kentucky. I think taking a detour from the Kentucky Horse Park will add color and flavor to your experience at The World Equestrian Games and, in the end, make it all the more memorable.  See you in Lexington!

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August 23rd, 2010

Eventing Radio Show: Canadian Chef d’Equipe Graeme Thom

Canadian Chef d’Equipe, Graeme Thom, stops by this week to tell us what it involves to prepare the squad for the World Equestrian Games and shares an insiders view on the horses and riders named for the short list. Take a listen.

Eventing Radio Episode 93 – Show Notes and Links:

  • Show Host: Chris Stafford
  • Co Host: Max Corcoran
  • Photo Credit: Courtesy, Graeme Thom
  • Guest: Graeme Thom – Equine Canada – Canadian Chef d’Equipe
  • News: Canadian Eventing Names Eventing Squad for the 2010 World Equestrian Games
  • News: Support Canadian Eventing
  • News: Malmo WC Qualifier:
    1 Niklas Lindbäck/Mr Pooh (SWE) 47.8 + 1.2 + 0 = 44.0
    2 Simone Deitermann/Free Easy NRW (GER) 38.4 + 16.8 + 0 = 55.2
    3 Katrin Norling/Pandora Emm (SWE) 45.6 + 10 + 0 = 55.6
    4 Andreas Dibowski/FRH Fantasia (GER) 41.2 + 10.4 + 4 = 55.6
    5 Kai Rüder/Saaten-Unions Charlie Weld (GER) 40.2 + 13.6 + 8 = 61.8
    6 Frank Ostholt/La Fair (GER) 53.6 + 9.6 + 0 = 63.2
    7 Kai-Steffen Meier/TSF Karascada M (GER) 54.0 + 12.8 + 0 = 66.8
    8 Clayton Fredericks/Brookleigh (AUS) 45.6 + 18 + 4 = 67.6
    9 Malin Larsson/Piccadilly Z (SWE) 52.0 + 12 + 4 = 68.0
    10 Marina Köhncke/Calma Schelly (GER) 47.0 + 21.2 + 0 = 68.2
    Full results on


Listen Now, Download or Subscribe:

Listen Now
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August 20th, 2010

Happy Weekend!

Oh dear time is getting away from me.  I’ve missed you all but have so much fun stuff in the works I’m nearly doing a tap dance.  For now I hope these bits and pieces from evening-land will make your Friday the perfect TGIF.

A stylish Itoldyouso.

Road trip (and pic!) from Menlo.

A tip o’ the helmet to our reiner friends.

Charles Owens helmets and good deeds

Free SmartPaks!

Do you write your xc times on your arm?

And a few posts your might have missed while on vacation/ on your horse/ rehydrating:

Faces of Rolex. Faces of the World Equestrian Games?

Forget Baseball. Eventing is America’s Favorite Pastime.

Simon Hobknobs with Eventing’s Top Dogs

(image by Anne Hall)

August 17th, 2010

Faces of Rolex. Faces of the World Equestrian Games?

The stars of Rolex will be the stars of the World Equestrian Games. But which ones?  The build up to the World Equestrian Games has been long but, the truth is, it will be over all too quickly.  But, for now, we’re in delicious suspense as to who will carry our stars and stripes when we rock the hometown advantage this Fall at The Kentucky Horse Park. We talk a lot about our favorite riders but, as most any eventer is quick to tell you, it’s all about the horses.  In honor of that, Three Days Three Ways and photographer/ videographer Josh Walker give you the USEF short list and the makings of your eventing World Equestrian Game Team with a distinctly equine perspective.

BallyNoe Castle RM: 10 year-old Irish Thoroughbred gelding owned by Carl and Cassandra Segal and ridden by Buck Davidson of Riegelsville, PA

(photo by Josh Walker of Red Horse Photography and Video Production)

My Boy Bobby: 14 year-old Irish Sport Horse gelding owned by Carl and Cassandra Segal and ridden by Buck Davidson of Riegelsville, PA

(photo by Josh Walker of Red Horse Photography and Video Production)

Titanium: 9 year-old Thoroughbred gelding owned by Carl and Cassandra Segal and ridden by Buck Davidson of Riegelsville, PA

(photo by Josh Walker of Red Horse Photography and Video Production)

Brandenburg’s Joshua: 15 year old Thoroughbred gelding owned by Southern Edition Farm LLC and ridden by Stephen Bradley of Leesburg, VA

(photo by Josh Walker of Red Horse Photography and Video Production)

The Foreman: 14 year-old Thoroughbred gelding owned by Ann Jones and ridden by Phillip Dutton of West Grove, PA

(photo by Josh Walker of Red Horse Photography and Video Production)

TruLuck: 13 year-old Thoroughbred gelding owned by Ann Jones and Rebecca Broussard and ridden by Phillip Dutton of West Grove, PA

(photo by Josh Walker of Red Horse Photography and Video Production)

Connaught: 17 year-old Irish Sport Horse gelding owned by Bruce Duchossois and ridden by Phillip Dutton of West Grove, PA

(photo by Josh Walker of Red Horse Photography and Video Production)

Woodburn: 14 year-old New Zealand Thoroughbred gelding owned by Ann Jones, Mardie Faucette and Acorn Hill Farm and ridden by Phillip Dutton of West Grove, PA

(photo by Josh Walker of Red Horse Photography and Video Production)

Kheops du Quesnay: 12 year-old Selle Francais gelding owned by Ann Jones and Rebecca Broussard and ridden by Phillip Dutton of West Grove, PA

(photo by Josh Walker of Red Horse Photography and Video Production)

Pawlow: 11 year-old Irish Thoroughbred gelding owned by Jennifer Mosing and ridden by  Will Faudree of Hoffman, NC

(photo by Josh Walker of Red Horse Photography and Video Production)

Courageous Comet: 14 year-old Thoroughbred gelding owned by Tom & Becky Holder and ridden by Becky Holder of Palmetto, GA

(photo by Josh Walker of Red Horse Photography and Video Production)

Last Monarch: 9 year-old Thoroughbred gelding owned by Holly & Chuck Hudspeth and ridden by Holly Hudspeth of Raleigh, NC

(photo by Josh Walker of Red Horse Photography and Video Production)

Neville Bardos: 11 year-old Australian Thoroughbred gelding owned by Windurra USA, LLC and ridden by Boyd Martin of West Grove, PA

(photo by Josh Walker of Red Horse Photography and Video Production)

Remington XXV: 14 year-old Hanoverian gelding owned by Henley House Stables and ridden by Boyd Martin of West Grove, PA

(photo by Josh Walker of Red Horse Photography and Video Production)

Mandiba: 11 year-old Thoroughbred gelding owned by Joan Goswell and ridden by Karen O’Connor of the The Plains, VA

(photo by Josh Walker of Red Horse Photography and Video Production)

Tipperary Liadhnan: 13 year-old Irish Sport Horse gelding owned by Friends of Kim Severson Syndicate and ridden by Kim Severson of Scottsville, VA

(photo by Josh Walker of Red Horse Photography and Video Production)

Arthur: 11 year-old Irish Sport Horse gelding owned by Allison, Carolyn, & William Springer and ridden by Allison Springer of Marshall, VA

(photo by Josh Walker of Red Horse Photography and Video Production)

Leyland: 10 year old Thoroughbred gelding owned by Elisabeth Nicholson and ridden by Amy Tryon of Duvall, WA

(photo by Josh Walker of Red Horse Photography and Video Production)

They are all stunning and would do us proud. Get behind your favorite horses, and their pilots, before the World Equestrian Games and let them know you support them! Let’s hope for red, white, and blue atop the medal stand this Fall.  We all know any of these horse could pull it off.

Thanks to Josh Walker of Red Horse Photography and Video Production for these captivating photographs.  Aren’t you wanting a portrait of your horse now?  I can just see my sweet Ellie in one of Josh’s quintessential shots.  Are you imaging your horse in one too?  We are lucky to have him as part of our three-day eventing community to capture the grace, power, and emotion in our favorite equestrian athletes–and now for his top-notch work in video production.  Did you catch the AEC video?  Thanks again to Josh and to these awe-inspiring equestrian athletes.

August 16th, 2010

Tickets to the World Equestrian Games

With the Alltech World Equestrian Games only 39 days away so there’s no time to spare in making your ticket reservations.  It’s officially cram time.

World Equestrian Games Tickets:

There are a few different kinds of tickets available for purchase and, I’m not sure about you, but I find all the options a little overwhelming.  The ticket to get a seat costs $42 or $32 for dressage on Thursday and Friday.  A ticket (which is the same a the Saturday grounds pass) for cross-country on Saturday will cost you $45.  A ticket with a seat for the final show jumping phase will cost $105 or $80. The most important note to make is that you can buy a ticket to get on the grounds for $25 but that won’t get you a seat in the main stadium to watch dressage or showjumping.

Yikes, those numbers add up.  Even if you opt for the lower-priced options you’ll still be out $189 for one person.  The other option is to buy grounds passes which would total $120 which, while it won’t get you seat, will still get you into the thrill of it all.

There are no tickets for Saturday’s cross-country, per se, but you will need a grounds pass ($45).  They have an additional hospitality option for cross-country which I think is actually a super deal (which is perhaps why it was buried on the website).  For $125 you get a shuttle back and forth to cross-country (isn’t it worth it just for that?) plus a climate-controlled tent with beverages and some light food, flat screens to watch the play-by-play,  as well as  “VIP bathroom facilities”.  Okay, fancier port-a-potties.  Yes, you can walk back and forth like every other eventing fan but why not save your energy to watch every last bit of adrenaleine-pumping action and for going out that night to celebrate the amazing ride of your favorite eventers? I’m on that bandwagon.

World Equestrian Games Reining and Dressage

While we’ll be, without a doubt, hanging on every last move of the 3-day eventers from all over the world it might be worth your while to take a peek at some of the other events that will be taking place simultaneously.

Reining: I couldn’t tell you the first thing about reining but I have a hearty appreciation for this discipline if for no other reason that it’s totally foreign to me.  You can bet I’ll be sneaking into the Individual Final Competition on Thursday at 1pm in the indoor arena ($120) as well as staring in awe at the Freestyle Exhibition (note, it’s not part of the WEG’s) that evening at 6pm in the indoor arena ($70).  A tip of the hat to the Reiners out there.

What’s more is that the dressage riders will be doing their thing on Friday night at the Grand Prix freestyle at 7pm in the main stadium ($140 or $110). Horses prancing in a piaffe and charging across the diagonal in an extension?  Yes please, count me in!

Buy Your World Equestrian Games Tickets and Passes

You may want to check out the whole schedule for the World Equestrian Games while you make your final decisions. If you’re ready to buy your tickets you can get them at the World Equestrian Games website or, much better, if you buy them through the USEA promo then a portion of the proceeds goes to the organization that makes our favorite sport possible in this country.  That’s a win-win!

World Equestrian Games Hospitality Passes

We’ve talked about individual tickets to the World Equestrian Games but really have we have much more discuss.  You might be interested in hospitality passes, particularly if you’ll be going for business or with clients.  Or, thanks to the James Beard Foundation,  perhaps you can squeeze in a Celebrity Chef dinner where celebrity chefs will pair with a local Kentucky chef to  make you the meal of a lifetime.  Who knows, maybe we’ll be sitting next to each other!

Current participating chefs include:

John Besh, Restaurant August, New Orleans, La.
Philippe Boulot, the Heathman at the Heathman Hotel, Portland, Ore.
Clifford Harrison and Anne Quatrano, Bacchanalia, Atlanta, Ga.
Sanford D’Amato, Sanford Restaurant, Milwaukee, Wis.
Roberto Donna, Galileo, Washington, DC
Jose Garces, 2009 Iron Chef Winner, Amada, Philadelphia, Pa.
Mark Kiffin, The Compound restaurant, Santa Fe, N.M.
Mike Lata, Fig, Charleston, S.C.
Christopher Lee, Aureole, New York City, N.Y.
Emily Luchetti, Farallon Restaurant, San Francisco, Calif.
George Mavrothalassitis, Chef Mavro Restaurant, Honolulu, HI
Nancy Oakes, Boulevard restaurant, San Francisco, Calif.
Vitaly Paley, Paley’s Place Bistro and Bar, Portland, Ore.
Joachim B. Splichal, Patina Restaurant Group, New York, NY.
Marc Vetri, Vetri, Philadelphia, Pa.

There are a lot of options and ways to experience the World Equestrian games and no one way is better than the next.  The most important thing is that you have a good time.  If you can’t be there in person, don’t worry, we’ll be taking you along with us on this the most incredible Three Days Three Ways Road trip yet!

World Equestrian Games 2010 or Bust!

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August 13th, 2010

Happy Weekend!

Happy Weekend Eventers! I can feel everything starting to whip up to the frenzy that will be the World Equestrian Games. These posts from around the equestrian internet might get you in the spirit!

Celebrating the Thoroughbred. Especially the ones who are eventing!

Where undies and riding intersect, stylishly and with comfort.

WEG Selection Round One.

Doing the American Eventing Championships in style.

The ultimate packer.

And a few Three Days Three Ways you may have missed (what with that lost shoe and waking up at 4:30am for the show and fitting in your final trot set):

American Eventing Championships: The Place to Be

This time last year on Three Days Three Ways: Jim Wofford, Carawich, and the Upper-Level Riders of Today

Thank you.

(photo by Sharon Montrose via The Animal Printshop)

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