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July 23rd, 2010

Happy Weekend!

See, horses make everything more stylish.  No need for toy poodles in a purse, just bring your horse along with you and you’ve got the hottest accessory of the season!  I’m planning a big day tomorrow browsing stands of organic vegetables and freshly baked chocolate criossants at the local farmer’s market.  No doubt I’ll be checking in at the USEA as they post photo after photo of the beautiful Event at Rebecca Farm.  I’m voting we caravan out there next time. We can take turns driving and split the gas?  Until then, enjoy these bits and pieces.

The cross-country course at Rebecca Farm

Vintage Chronicle of the Horse.  Love.

The World Equestrian Games.  At what cost?

PRO’s eventer’s-eye view of Rebecca Farm

My Little Ponies

and a few posts you may have missed

The Event at Rebecca Farm

Josh Walker, Eventing Photographer

On Eventing Trend: Hackamores

(image via a glamourous little side project)

July 23rd, 2010

Eventing Radio Episode 89: Memories of Charisma

Lucinda Green joins us this week to review the British selection for the World Equestrian Games squad. Mark Todd shares memories of Charisma in our Great Partnership Series. Take a listen.

Eventing Radio Episode 89 – Great Partnerships Series: Memories of Charisma:

  • Show Hosts: Chris Stafford & Max Corcoran
  • Guest: Lucinda Green
  • Guest: Mark Todd
  • Name That Rider: Win a $75 Gift Certificate from Equestrian Collections – Send Chris your answer and email address – first correct answer will be the winner. Who is this talking about their fitness in last week’s episode?

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July 22nd, 2010

Forget Baseball. Eventing is America’s Favorite Pastime

3-Day Eventing is a relatively new sport in the United States so our eventing heros of the equine brand don’t go back all that far.  Jenny Camp, a bay mare foaled in 1926 (okay, so I’m a little biased with bare mares, I admit it), won silver medals in the 1932 and 1936 Olympic Games for her performance in the 3-Day Event.  But our history doesn’t go back a whole lot further than that. Though I like to believe that some of the horses who live in the legends of this country’s soul are eventers at heart.

(image via the USEA Hall of Fame)

Take Black Beauty, for instance.  Fierce, powerful, athletic, and proud.  Loyal to the very end.  Sounds like an event horse to me.

Then there’s “National Velvet“:  A book and then a movie about a little girl, Velvet (played by young Elizabeth Taylor in the movie), and her horse, The Pie, winning the Grand National Steeplechase (England’s greatest steeplechase competition).  It’s not about an eventer exactly, but gets pretty close.  A tight duo surpassing all expectations and accomplishing a seemingly impossible feat over enormous fences at thundering speeds.  Yes, sounds like eventing once again.

Perhaps that’s why when the powers that be opted for a part two with “International Velvet” they went ahead and made their star horse, Arizona Pie (a descendent of “The Pie”), a three-day eventer.  It warms the cockles of my heart.

For a sport that’s so young for our country, the truth appears to be that it actually lives in all of our hearts.  Don’t forget about little Misty of Chincoteague.  What little boy or little girl grows up without reading about her?  Okay, so maybe she didn’t go on to win Rolex, but she’s eventer an through and through.  Spunky, determined, bright, and independent, Misty personifies our favorite little eventers.

(image via Districtschmistrict)

So you see, eventing is in the life blood of this country. Whether we know it or not, these passionate horses (and ponies) and their powerful stories raised us.  Forget baseball as America’s favorite pastime.  It’s 3-Day Eventing all the way!

July 21st, 2010

The Event at Rebecca Farm: Eventing World Cup Qualifier

The Event at Rebecca Farm takes place this weekend in Montana.  And I sure wish I could be there!  For the sweeping vistas and mountains, yes, but also because this competition is one of the United State’s World Cup Qualifiers.  Mara Dean won the last US World Cup Qualifier,  who will win this weekend?

I can’t predict that but I do predict a good time what with these incredible exhibitors, a slew of big name riders including Jennifer Wooten DaFoe, Buck Davidson, Sharon White, Max McManany, and Phillip Dutton (and lots more), and one seriously incomparable view.

Rebecca Farm 2009.  Photo by Emily Daily at the USEA

Rebecca Farm 2009.  Photo by Emily Daily at the USEA

If you can’t make it but wish you could you might want to take a look at this short video,  walk the cross-country course, see what The Flathead Beacon has to say about this “world stage”, have a peek at PRO’s insider perspective, or shop online.  Though, I can’t tell if that makes me feel better or worse seeing as it only makes me want to go more!  If we can’t be there to enjoy the fresh, mountain air and dashing event horses we’ll have to settle for following the results online or tune in for live streaming on Saturday and Sunday on White Fish Radio. If you want to get your feet wet you might also check it out now for some interviews that they’ve already completed.

Well, one way or the other, it will be a big weekend at Rebecca Farm. Good luck to all the competitors and fans.  If you’re there let us know how it goes!

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July 20th, 2010

Eventers Keep Cool. Literally.

It’s hot out.  That much is clear.  But what isn’t always clear is how to stay cool, especially when you’re on top of a horse in the blazing sun in the middle of the day.  One option is to wear fabrics that wick, and shirts that are lightweight and, if all goes well fashionable.  Here are a few options to keep the cool factor high.  Cool as in temperature AND good-looking.

Nike Love Game Women’s Tennis Shirt. DRI-Fit fabric to wick.  $50

What can I say, I love the color, the petite sleeves, and the pleating detail in the front (I think it’s a hangover from my ballet days).  The fancy wicking fabric is a bonus.

Shop Nike for Shoes, Clothing & Gear. Start shopping now at

Nike 3-Quarter Lenght Sleeve Women’s Tee.  $65.

Okay, so the fabric doesn’t wick but it’s so incredibly cute I couldn’t help but include it.  It’s all vintage baseball and sporty. Great for the tomboy in you. That’s always a good combination in my book.

Shop Nike for Shoes, Clothing & Gear. Start shopping now at

Run: Swifly Racerback. Lulu Lemon $52.00.

Lulu Lemon is one of my favorite athletic-wear retailers.  It can be on the pricey side but I do find, once you’ve invested, their products really live up to the hype as far as fit, durability and appearance.  This fabric not only wicks and keeps you dry and cool but the cut is cute.  Plus I dig the extra-long length which is perfect for tucking into britches so you’re only baring bravery over that extra-wide oxer.

Stay cool!

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July 16th, 2010

Happy Weekend!

Dubarry’s may have cornerd the evening market but you can’t touch Hunters in the fashion market.  They’re all over the place including here at Emerson Made.  I scored this skirt and top before they sold out.  Thank goodness!  It seems like the perfect outfit to watch the 3-Day Eventing at the World Equestrian Games this Fall.  I hope your week went well and that your weekend goes even better.  Enjoy these trinkets from around the web:

Area IV Announces Young Rider Teams

Hermes and Horses.  A match made in heaven

Team Tryon joins our Smart Pak crew

I’m always wondering about the best boots out their for my Ellie’s legs

30% off your World Equestrian Games Tickets!

The British WEG Team

And a few posts that shouldn’t be missed!

Eventers are Fearless.  Or Are We?

A Bay Wins Rolex.  Dappled Grey Wins for Blogs.

Eventer Laura VanderVliet’s Tips for Business and Finding Confidence.

(image via Emerson Made)

July 16th, 2010

Fashion Show at Middleburg’s Tully Rector

There’s so much to do in Middleburg, VA.  If you’re not gallavanting on your horse, why, you might be immersed in fine dining in town, wandering down the ancient, brick sidewalks, or window shopping your way down the main street.  Or, like me, you could have a fashion show!

Tully Rector came highly recommended to me by friends so I made sure to put it on my list for my day in Middleburg.  I thought I’d browse and pick up this season’s must-have romper or gladiator sandals.  But when I arrived and walked into a fantasy land of clothes I felt suddenly compelled to have an impromtu fashion show.  Just your standard fare, you understand.  The setting was perfect:  high fashion and equestrian details.

Simon felt lukewarm about the idea but so long as he could score this front row seat in the dressing room he was on board.  And we were off.  P.S. Isn’t the dressing room darling?!

I recruited Karen, the owner, to help me showcase the dresses.  And she jumped right in.  I loved it!  Why dresses?  Well, they’re my favorite!  And I think you can see why with this number.  With the fabric reminiscent of gilded English tapestries and a cut right off a Manhattan runway it was the perfect balance of Henry VII’s Anne Boleyn and Gossip Girl’s Serena Van Der Woodsen.  Hand’s down my favorite. Dress by Milly.  By the way, I apologize for the hair situation. It was a pony tail or nothing after a day out in the sun at Sure Fire Farm Horse Trials!

Alice + Olivia seem to be all over the place. And why not, what with their hip styling and superior quality.  I loved this dress.  I have some daring black Loeffler Randall heels that would make for a killer outfit.  Dress by Alice + Olivia.  By the way, have you noticed all the art?  You know how I love a good oil painting with a horse/ hound/ pony in it.  Tully Rector is filled to the brim with charming portraits that I wish I could buy by the dozen.  Which you can, incidentally, if you are so inclined!

While I was over the moon, Simon was still fairly unimpressed.  He stayed firmly planted on his VIP seat throughout our fashion show.  Good boy Simon.

This dress is all spring time and sherbert to me.  Alice + Olivia (again) strike the perfect balance of edgy (check out the back!), pretty, and flirty.  It’s hard to tell with a picture but the skirt is perfect for twirling–which I am apt to do at regular intervals.  Dress by Alice + Olivia.  Also, do you see the sweet table to the right?  Can someone from Tully Rector please decorate my house?

Oh, this is Karen (left) and Marilyn (right).  Aren’t they darling?!  Note the ribbons on the linen lamp shade.  I’m telling you, I can’t get enough of this place.  They were both so welcoming to me and all of us at Three Days Three Ways.  It was like a fashion invasion what with the twirling and photo-taking and dashing from dress to dress all the while adoring the art.  They were even patient with my inexperience as a model.  How do they pull off those pouty poses?  I’ll never know.  Karen and Marilyn couldn’t have been nicer.  Plus, they know their stuff as evidenced by the well-chosen inventory from dresses (as we’ve already noted), the entire room devoted to jeans of every cut and color, shirts ranging from hip tees to something you would wear to a party, skirts for an afternoon out or a business meeting, and everything in between.

Thanks to Karen, Marilyn, and Tully Rector for taking Three Days Three Ways in with such warmth and for being game for such (unexpected) fun.  That was true Three Days Three Ways style!  Next time you’re in Middleburg, VA I couldn’t recommend Tully Rector enough.  Stop by, pick up those perfect jeans or that dress you’ve been wanting, and enjoy the experience. I sure did!

Tully Rector: 13 East Washington Street; Middleburg, VA. (540) 687-5858

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July 16th, 2010

Eventing Radio Episode 87: Building a Partnership

Boyd Martin is my guest to discuss Building up a Partnership and Are You Ready for Your First Event, plus we have a new quiz – Name That Rider as well as a book review.Another new segment, It’s Your Call for listeners, begins with Sandi Archipow. Listen in right here.

Eventing Radio Episode 87 – Building a Partnership and Are You Ready for Your First Event:

  • Show Hosts: Chris Stafford & Boyd Martin
  • Listener Guest: Sandi Archipow
  • Book Review: Equine Fitness by Jec Aristotle Ballou, Published by Storey Publishing, Dec. 2009
  • Name That Rider: Win a $75 Gift Certificate from Equestrian Collections – Send Chris your answer and email address – first correct answer will be the winner. Who is this talking about their fitness?
  • Link: The Kentucky Horse Park’s Gift of the Desert

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July 16th, 2010

Eventing Radio Episode 88: Denny Emerson

We begin our new series of ‘Inspirational People’ with Denny Emerson. And we ask if professional qualifications are necessary for a career with horses? Listen in right here.

Eventing Radio Episode 88 – Inspirational People: Denny Emerson:

  • Show Hosts: Chris Stafford & Max Corcoran
  • Guest: Denny Emerson
  • Name That Rider: Win a $75 Gift Certificate from Equestrian Collections – Send Chris your answer and email address – first correct answer will be the winner. Who is this talking about their fitness in last week’s episode?

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July 15th, 2010

The Best Birthday: A Hair Clip with “Panache”

Hi Team!

It’s been a wild few days especially since it was my birthday on Tuesday.  What fun!  I always make an effort to keep the horse-talk to a minimum around my non-horsey friends but, I think, I’m not doing so well. I got a cache of presents and most of them were horse-themed including this super cute, pink pony hair pin.  I can’t wait to wear it!  They call it the Panache Pinto Hair Clip and, while it’s not Pinto, it does have panache so I don’t even care that they got that part wrong.  I also scored an old-school version of Black Beauty and a plush pony puppet.

Looks like I just can’t keep the horse-talk under wraps.  Can you blame me?

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