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May 18th, 2010

On Eventing Trend: Hackamores

Have you noticed how many upper-level riders are show jumping at competitions in hackamores?

There’s Phillip Dutton and Woodburn who, shortly after this photo was taken, clinched their 2nd place finish at Rolex 2010:

Mara Dean, who won the Red Hills World Cup qualifier on Nicki Henley, and who talked with Three Days Three Ways about “letting go to gain control“:

Allison Springer with the gallant Arthur who rallied the eventing world around her when she cantered down the center line at Rolex 2010 with a proper helmet:

Kristin Schmolze on her comeback kid, Cavaldi:

and Becky Holder on Courageous Comet who, together, came in 3rd at Rolex 2010.

What are your thoughts on bits vs. hackamores? Do you ride in a hackamore to show jump?  If so, why?  Or if you don’t, why not?  I do pretty much everything in a French snaffle with my sweet Ellie.  If you’re thinking about swapping make sure you check with a trainer (or yourself if you are one!) before transitioning from a bit to a hackamore.  And tell us all your thoughts behind the switch!

Thanks to Josh Walker of the USEA and Mike McNally for the photos in this post. They are out there in the scorching sun, driving rain, and sometimes snow to capture just the right shot for us eventers.  Goodness knows we’re grateful!

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May 17th, 2010

The Eventing Short List, so far (Nary a Mare in Sight)

Here are the folks that are gunning for a spot on the US Team for the World Equestrian Games this Fall.  Some additional pairs may be added after the four-star at Luhmuhlen, Germany June 17-20th so we’ll be keeping an eye on that.  Interestingly enough, every pair will have to ride at the American Eventing Championships this September 9-12 at Chattahoochee Hills (Georgia) to have a shot at the Team.  What does that mean? Qualify for Championships and then you can compete there too!

The USEF’s Land Rover US Eventing Team Short List

Buck Davidson:  33 years-old from Riegelsville, PA on BallyNoe Castle RM, a 10 year-old Irish Thoroughbred gelding owned by Carl and Cassandra Segal

Buck Davidson also on My Boy Bobby a 14 year-old Irish Sport Horse gelding also owned by Carl and Cassandra Segal. Together this pair won The Fork CCI*** this spring (a repeat performance of last year).

Phillip Dutton: 46 years-old from West Grove, PA with The Foreman, a 14 year-old Thoroughbred gelding owned by Ann Jones.

Phillip Dutton also with TruLuck a 13 year-old Thoroughbred gelding owned by Ann Jones and Rebecca Broussard.

Phillip Dutton with his third horse of the bunch, Woodburn, a 14 year-old New Zealand Thoroughbred gelding  owned by Ann Jones, Mardie Faucette and Acorn Hill Farm. These two came in second at Rolex this past April. Did you catch all the coverage of Woodburn getting ready for jogs and in the vet box at Rolex?

Will Faudree: 28 years-old from Hoffman, NC on Pawlow, an 11 year-old Irish Thoroughbred gelding owned by Jennifer Mosing. Will and Pawlow came in 4th together at The Fork CCI***.

Becky Holder: 40 years-old from Palmetto, GA on Courageous Comet, a 14 year-old Thoroughbred gelding owned by Tom & Becky Holder. This duo came in third at this year’s Rolex.

Boyd Martin: 30 years-old from West Grove, PA on Neville Bardos, an 11 year-old Australian Thoroughbred gelding owned by Windurra USA, LLC. This team came in 4th this year at Rolex.

Boyd Martin also with Remington XXV a 14 year-old Hanoverian gelding owned by Henley House Stables. Together Boyd and Remy came in 12th at Rolex this past April.

Karen O’Connor: 52 years-old from The Plains, VA on Mandiba, an 11 year-old Thoroughbred geding owned by Joan Goswell.

Amy Tryon: 39 years-old from Duvall, WA on Leyland, a 10 year-old Thoroughbred gelding owned by Elisabeth Nicholson.

Who else do you think will be added in the next weeks and months? If you had to bet the farm as to who would make the team, who would it be?  I must say I vote we get a mare in our short list.  Hello, girl power? Do you think we can petition for Boyd and Ms. Rock on Roses to be added? Facebook got Betty White on Saturday Night live, that’s all I’m saying.

(image via Central Equine)

May 14th, 2010

Happy Weekend!

This picture of John F. Kennedy Jr as a little boy feels like sunny days, a warm breeze on your shoulders, and the hope of what’s to come.  I love that these two have the most effortless style at such young ages. A sundress and ribbons always does the trick, as does a tie (not to mention braids in your very cute pony’s mane). What are you hoping for that’s yet to come? Whatever it is, I hope this weekend and these tidbits get you one step closer.

Boyd Martin on sticking to what you know at shows.

Did you already send in your photo for the Jan Byyny critique through the USEA? Do it poste-haste!

Re-live Rolex this weekend on NBC Saturday, May 15th (tomorrow!) from 3-4:30pm est. That will put you in fine form to watch The Preakness right afterwards!

Wondering about the Point Two Air Vest from Smart Pak? Tune in to see more on NBC.

I couldn’t dodge a swarm of horse flies on my ride yesterday.  Regarding Horses discusses what to do about the pest problem.

I’m quite partial to the polo with the cute sleeves.  You?

And some posts you may have missed:

Sharon White recently took 4th at The Jersey Fresh CCI***.  Want to know more about her?

Tiana Coudray won the Jersey Fresh CCI*** and we got a new photo for her interview just in time. Here’s all the stuff you never knew!

(image via Amazon)

May 14th, 2010

Eventing Radio Show Episode 79 with Sinead Halpin, PRO, And John Williams

Sinead Halpin and Samantha Lendl from PRO tell us about some new initiatives and Jersey Fresh Course Designer, John Williams, joins us with a review of this year’s event plus some other news. Take a listen.

Eventing Radio Episode 79 – PRO Initiatives & Boyd Martin Hosts:


Listen Now, Download or Subscribe:

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May 13th, 2010

Road Trip: Lexington, Kentucky!

The Rolex Kentucky 3-Day Event takes place every year at The Kentucky Horse Park in Lexington, Kentucky.  The event is the biggest of the year in this country and it’s worth it just for that.  But Lexington is a huge bonus and, if you can tear yourself away from the Horse Park, well worth the short trip into town.  In fact, there’s so much to do this post will be woefully incomplete.  I, like most riders watching Rolex, got sucked into all the hubub at the Horse Park and barely scratched the surface of what Lexington has to offer.  So, maybe we’ll just consider this a Part One that’s to be continued next time we road trip?  I’ll make sure to write that at the end with ellipses and all.  Totally 80’s tv at it’s best!

If you haven’t been to Lexington (I hadn’t) then I can say it’s worth the trip.  It feels like Middleburg,  SoHo, and Europe rolled into one and placed in a modern city.  Here’s a street that almost feels like Mercer Street in SoHo.

And here’s a street that feels like Europe.  France, to be precise. I like the French shopkeeper evaluating things outside.

I can’t help myself.  It’s just that everything seems better in French.  Wouldn’t it be nice to meet up for a drink there and hang out in the afternoon sun?  Un biere s’il vous plait!

On the way into town there’s a park and in it you’ll see this team.

There’s a actually a whole group of horses and jockeys racing down the homestretch and it’s so realistic I actually felt a bit nervous standing in front of the thundering herd.

Mostly I see this style of highly realistic sculpture outside shopping malls and they’re of children swinging on swings or dancing in the rain and I think they’re creepy.  But the horses are beautiful.  And I can’t help but root for the one who’s falling behind.

Something I noticed about Lexington, Kentucky was how many 50’s/ 60’s-era signs there were.  Like this one.

And this one.

Can we please meet up there next year and have a shake with fries?  Chocolate for me, please!

But I left the best for last. My favorite was the Keeneland Track Kitchen that feeds exercise riders, jockeys, and trainers, yes.  But also me and you!  The kitchen is open to the public and I put it on the MUST list.  It’s like stepping through a veil to visit another world for just a moment. And the food is what you think (biscuits, gravy, bacon) but way better.  I made friends with Norma and Alberta. I suggest you take their suggestions to eat the biscuits with gravy.  I did.  How could you not?

They were the best.  As was my experience in Lexington.  But we’ve already established that this is just the beginning of our road trip in Kentucky.  So, as promised:

To Be Continued…

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May 12th, 2010

Wednesday Giveaway!

My goodness.  With the excitement of Rolex and Badminton back-to-back we haven’t had time for a giveaway. Where’s the fun in that?! Thankfully Devoucoux has descended as our hero!  Today we have the privilege of offering a short, elastic girth from Devoucoux with black leather (not brown like the picture), to be used on saddles with long billets.  I have one and I love that I feel like my mare can actually breathe with it on.  Plus it’s Devoucoux which means it’s beautiful!

To make it yours leave a comment below and visit the Devoucoux site.  Bon chance mes amis!

May 11th, 2010

3-Day Eventing’s Alphabet Soup

I’ve been told more than once that when I talk to another horse person it sounds like we’re speaking a different language. One of my favorite writers, Jonathan Sullivan (who, incidentally, wrote the incredible Blood Horses), even wrote a poem out of notes from a track journal.  I’m fluent but I can see with all the vocab and the names it could sound like we’re from Mars.  But I must admit, even I get lost sometimes.

It’s the abbreviations that get me.  What’s the different between a CIC and a CCI?  Are the USEF and the USEA actually different organizations or are they just testing our alphabetizing capabilities?  Here’s a cheat sheet to get us through some of the acronym-laden conversations we’re having ringside.

CCI: Concours Complet International.  In the days of the long format a CCI was a 3-Day competition open to all nations that included all four phases A, B, C, and D (oh no, more letters!). Now that the long format is no longer (at the upper levels) the CCI only runs the phase D (cross-country) but is longer and has more jumping efforts than its sister the CIC.  This is what you would recognize now as your full 3-Day.

CIC: Concours International Combine. Basically this is your horse trials. It will be shorter and have fewer jumping obstacles than its CCI sister.

USEA: The United States Eventing Association. These are the people who make eventing happen.  Jo Whitehouse and Kevin Baumgardner are at the helm and have our backs.

USEF: United States Equestrian Federation.  They make the rules.  These folks are in Kentucky and they are the American governing body for all equestrian sports in this country including eventing, carriage driving, English Pleasure, Hunter Seat Equitation, Parade Horse, Roadster, Saddle Seat Equitation, Western, and Reining.

FEI: Federation Equestre Internationale. The FEI was founded in 1921 and is sort of like the USEF but for the whole, wide world. That’s a lot.  They are the international body governing horse sports and are there to encourage growth while keeping the welfare of the horse at the heart of it all.  Thanks, FEI.

HSBC FEI: Yeah, mostly I think this is to confuse us.  Just kidding!  The HSBC is a world-wide bank that sponsors the FEI World Cup Competition.  And makes the acronym even longer which is fun.

WEGs: The World Equestrian Games.  The Alltech WEG’s are happening at The Kentucky Horse Park in Lexington, Kentucky this September 30th-October 3rd.  This is the first time the Games will take place outside of Europe.  You can buy your tickets now!

NAYRC: North American Young Rider Championship.  The NAYRC is the annual competition for top junior riders from ages 14-21 to compete for team and individual medals in their given disciplines including dressage, eventing, showjumping, and reining.

Well, hopefully that didn’t turn your brain into alphabet soup! Any others names or terms you’d like to translate for our Team?

(images via Rifle Paper Co. and Ruby Lane)

May 11th, 2010

FEI Eventing World Cup Winners (so far)

We’ve been focused on 3-Day events in the United States but meanwhile it’s a veritable eventing frenzy out in the world.  Two Eventing World Cup Qualifier competitions took place this past weekend including Marbach (Germany) and Sydney (Australia).  Here are our delighted winners:

Australian Chris Burton wins the Sydney World Cup qualifier on Holstein Park Leilani.  He’s all smiles.  Wouldn’t you be?!  I love the red and white lei around his horse. I wonder what kind of flowers those are.

photo by Rachel Smith

German Michael Jung was winning as well, though oceans away in Germany. I can’t help but feel sad for the empty seats in the grandstand.  But we are filling the grand stand of the internet!

photo by Julia Rau/ FEI

But pictures of winners begs the questions: What’s the FEI World Cup of Eventing again?  Oh, right.  The World Cup of Eventing is an international FEI series of 3-Day Events which tests the best riders in the world and culminates in a yearly final to crown the top rider of the season.  The series also exists for Dressage, Show Jumping, and Driving.  There are 13 competitions total that started in Tallahassee, FL (Red Hills) at which our own Mara Dean took the blue, and will end in Schenfeld, Germany. Here’s the schedule so we can all follow along:

1. Tallahassee FL (USA), 05 – 07 March 2010
2. Kihikihi (NZL), 02 – 04 April 2010
3. Sydney (AUS), 07 – 09 May 2010
4. Marbach (GER), 07 – 09 may 2009
5. Chatsworth (GBR), 15 – 16 May 2010
6. Tattersalls (IRL), 27 – 30 May 2010
7. Strzegom (POL), 24 – 27 June 2010
8. Minsk (BLR), 21 – 25 July 2010
9. Rebecca Farm – Kalispell MT (USA), 22 – 25 July 2010
10. Mansfield, (CAN), 5-7 August 2010  CANCELLED
11. Malmö (SWE), 13 – 15 August 2010
12. Le Haras du Pin (FRA), 18 – 22 August 2010   TBC
13. Schenefeld (GER), 26 – 29 August 2010
May 8th, 2010

Happy Mother’s Day Weekend!

Three Days Three Ways wishes you the happiest of Mother’s Days!  Our Mother’s Day Special includes the most adorable, smiling faces from the kiddos of some of our favorite 3-Day eventers.  It doesn’t get any cuter than this!

Our first kiddo belongs to Jennifer Holling, Canadian Team selector and wife to eventer (and World Cup Eventing Finalist) Jon Holling.  All of whom make Willow Run Farm, in Ocala, FL, their home.  Here’s a little bit from Momma Jenn on her sweet son, Caiden:

Caiden Holling

photo of  Caiden Holling courtesy of the Hollings.

Q.  How old is Caiden?

A.  He just turned two on April 2nd. He was almost an April Fool’s day joke but we held off.

Q.  Who are his friends?

He and Liam Pollard are best pals. Two little blond, blue-eyed boys running around. And Mommy, Daddy and his nanny B [Bronwyn]. He, Liam, and Riley Carter are his friends at horse shows, they have swimming and movie parties together. They have it all figured out and are totally spoiled.

Q.  What’s his favorite treat?

Coca–Cola. He has an addiction problem. If he sees a red can he goes a little crazy. Other than that he eats fruits and vegetables but not so much meat. He’s a self-imposed vegetarian. He loves broccoli.

Q.  What’s his favorite activity?

Driving on the tractor. He has to drive on the tractor. He likes to go on it with the maintenance guy, Dave.

Q.  What was his first interaction with a horse like?

A.  He wanted on. He was always about getting on because Daddy was on a horse.

Q.  What’s his favorite outfit?

A.  He likes his Wellies because that means he’s allowed to get dirty.

Q.  How is he like his mom?

A.  He has my taste buds and his father’s personality.  But he sleeps better than either of us. Thank God for that.

Q.  How is he like his Dad?

A.  He is Mr. Mellow.

A.  Does he have any pets?

A. He has a Lucy. She’s a pit bull and he shares his bed with her because he’s in a big boy bed now.

Q.  Anything else you want to add?

A.  It is possible to have kids when you ride. A lot of women are afraid of it and we are lucky in that we have a nanny. But everybody is willing to step in. At one horse show I took a bad fall and Will Faudree stepped in. He went into the trailer and got Caiden and then went to the store and got him baby formula. When I got back from hospital everyone had ridden and all the horses were taken care of. They say it takes a village. The village is there for you when you have a kid.

The Holling Family at Rolex. Courtesy of the Jenn and Jon Holling

Kira Lewis

Next up is adorable Kira Lewis, daughter to 3-Day eventer Wendy Lewis who came in 9th at Rolex in 2005 as well as being 12th rider overall. She just added number two to the family with tiny Cooper who’s just a few weeks old. This interview was a riot because I actually talked with Kira herself.  So all of this is straight from the horse’s mouth, so-to-speak.

photo couretsy of Wendy and Rob Lewis

Q.  Who are your dogs?

A.  Molly and Roxy. They make me laugh.  They are so funny. We play catch. They sleep with me and in their bed. They sleep in their bed and then go in my bed. They peek in. Roxy is black and white and Molly is just yellow.

photo courtesy of Wendy and Rob Lewis

Q. What’s your favorite color?

A.  My favorite color is pink and purple. I have a flying Tinkerbell and it really flies.

Q.  Do you like fairies?

A.  I have fairy things. I can really fly like a fairy.

Q.  Do you have wings?

A. Mmm hm.  I have fairy wings and I can really fly with them because they’re real.

Q.  Where do you fly?

A.  I fly in the tv room. That’s how I can fly. I’m gonna do it right now! I don’t know if I can fly, though, because I’m getting big. But I think I can still do it.

Oh dear. Are you having fits of laughter at how delightful she is?  She’s like that all the time. It’s too much!  But wait, we have more for our Mother’s Day special.

Riley Carter

Our next tiny guest is Ms. Riley Carter, daughter to Canadian Olympian Kyle Carter and his wife Jennifer Carter. For this interview I spoke with Jen on the phone and she consulted with Riley for input.

photo courtesy of Jennifer and Kyle Carter

Q.  How old is Riley?

A.  She turned three in December.

Q.  What’s her favorite color?

A.  Jenn asks Riley in the background: What is your favorite color? She reports back: Pink.  It’s her favorite color of the morning.  Usually it’s blue.  It depends on the mood.

Q.  What is your farm like?

A.  It’s 57 acres just North of Ocala.  Riley plays on the cross-country course everyday.  It’s a giant playground for her. We have 32 stalls altogether, a house, and a place where people who work for us live.  We’re lucky because right across the street is a new park with a play area for kids and baseball fields and soccer fields.  We don’t have to worry about putting anything up here.

Q.  Does Riley have a pony?

A.  Her pony’s name is Sunset.  She’s a little paint, pony mare. 12 hands, maybe.  We’re not exactly sure on her age but she’s between nine and seventeen.  The people that owned her don’t really know.  She’s a super pony. At this age she rides once a week, sometimes more often, but the pony is always good no matter what.

Q.  What’s her favorite thing about Sunset?

A.  Jen asks her directly: Riley what is your favorite thing about Sunset? This stumps her, so she asks her again and reports back: Cantering. Jen editorializes: She’s only cantered once. But apparently it’s her favorite thing!

Q.  What’s Riley’s favorite book?

A.  She loves to read; she’s obsessed with books.  She likes the Beatrix Potter books which is a book series about a duck and his friends. She’s seriously book obsessed and could read all-day long.

Q.  What’s Riley’s favorite game?

To be honest, if she’s awake she’s a horse. She’s a jumping horse.  She’s horse obsessed. Her favorite thing is to canter around pretending to be a horse. She likes us to give her lessons and is big into lunging. She, in turn, gives us lessons.  She’ll put on horse’s boots and she went through a phase where she had to wear a figure-eight nose band and breast plate.  Then she lunges. It’s great when you can lunge her because she can run until she’s tired then you don’t have to chase her.  She’s pretty fast.

Q.  Do you have any pets?

A.  We have three dogs and one of them is her favorite, Ally. She’s a Jack Russel cross who’s really good with her. They run around. If Riley isn’t inside running she’s outside running.

Q.   What’s Riley like?

A.  She’s not shy, and for most part never met a stranger. At shows it’s great because we can trust anyone and she knows so many people.  Moms help at shows. She’s a very active kid obsessed with horses, pretty much.

photo by Rob Lewis

Amigo Daily-Walker

Our last guest is very special in that he’s the son of a very special eventer.  But an equine one!  Emily Daily and Josh Walker of the USEA along with their Connemara mare, Cady, have just welcomed into their family a new baby boy named Amigo.

photo courtesy of Emily Daily and Josh Walker

Q. When was Amigo born?

A.  Amigo graced us with his presence last Thursday at 2PM, the day after a full moon. Thank you, Mama Cady, for waiting until Josh returned home from Rolex!

Q. Did his birth go smoothly? Were there any concerns?

A.  This is Cady’s third foal (her first two were fillies), and thankfully everything went very well. Josh and I were both on-hand to assist, and I did pull on my gloves to help a bit, though she hardly needed it. Although, when I first felt his feet (which were the only parts of him that had emerged!), I thought they seemed abnormally large, and I panicked and thought, good lord, who is this draft foal?

Funnily enough, I was actually on a business call (camped outside her stall!) when I realized what was happening (you can imagine how that call ended: “Um, sorry to cut this short, but I need to go. NOW!”). It’s amazing how quickly everything happens.  It’s over almost as soon as it begins… probably no more than 5-10 minutes from the time she laid down until Amigo popped his little head out. There’s so much emotion that goes into breeding—the careful selection of the stud, the breeding process, the care of your special mare (I’ve had Cady for 14 years), and the anxious hand-wringing anticipation and sleepless nights (or weeks, in my case) as the due date draws nearer. Cady actually foaled on day 361 of her pregnancy (normal gestation is 340-343), so the longer she held out, the more nervous I became. When I knelt in the straw of the foaling stall, holding this living, breathing healthy little dream foal in my arms for the first time…well, the flood of relief was overwhelming, needless to say.

Q.  What breed is Amigo?

A.  Amigo is a purebred Connemara. His mother is Ridgetop Cady O’Daly (“Cady”), a talented little mare who’ve I had the pleasure of owning since she was a weanling. Her father Aladdin’s Denver competed successfully through Preliminary, and Cady and I have enjoyed great success at the Training level. The highlight of our career was competing in a Training Three-Day Event a few years ago. Cady’s a member of the family—I’ll have her for the rest of her life.

Q.  Who is his dad?

A.  Amigo’s sire is my family’s Connemara stallion Tre Awain Goldsmith (“Tag”). Tag competed through Training level with my mother, and was also very successful in the dressage and jumper rings, but was retired from competition a few years ago. My mother and I have very much enjoyed bringing along Tag’s offspring—nearly all of them have been blessed, luckily, with his fabulous temperament, lovely movement,  and incredible athletic ability.

Q. Has his personality started to emerge already?

A.  Well, we actually named him Amigo because of his friendly attitude, and also as a shout-out to Josh’s San Diego roots. Originally, I’d vowed to name him after this year’s Rolex winner, but I wasn’t fond of the name William or Willie, so I suppose his secret name is “Amigo Fox-Pitt.” Although, I’ve yet to pick a registered name…I’m toying with the idea of Cady’s Worth The Wait (Cady O’Daly Farm is our farm name, so all our homebreds have ‘Cady’ in their registered name).

photo courtesy of Emily Daily and Josh Walker

He’s a little fireball.  We took him and Cady out to explore our fenced backyard when he was a day old, and he galloped around the yard like he owned the place. No shrub was left un-sniffed! Since day one, Amigo has been intensely interested in whatever activity is going on, and will totter up to anyone for a little nibble or poke. The only bad thing about having just one foal is that they assume people are their “playmates”…I think we might have to nip that theory in the bud as he grows stronger! He’s quite a smart little thing, though – he’s already learned his routine (in the stall during the day, and out to explore the paddock for a few hours).

Q. What kind of mother is Cady? Doting? Casual? Panicky?

A.  Cady’s a great mother – she was more interested in wolfing down as much grass as possible rather than keeping a close watch on her child. Her first two fillies were so easy-going—I don’t think she has any idea what this wild little man has in store for her! It’s fun to see her sweet relationship with Amigo, too, especially since she’s not exactly a warm and fuzzy type of pony…she’s very business-like in her demeanor, unless of course, you have carrots and in that case, she’s a complete ham.

Q. What do you see ahead of Amigo?

A.  Chances are he will follow in his siblings’ footsteps as a well-rounded competitor—his brothers and sisters have all gone on to have wonderful careers in many different disciplines, and it’s always exciting to track their successes. I will probably end up keeping him for several years, and then get him started under saddle. If all goes well, I could hang onto him longer, and he could be my next eventing partner…who knows what the future holds?

Q.  What are Amigo’s favorite activities?

A.  Sleeping, nursing, bothering Mama, chasing the dogs, pretending to eat hay, gumming on fingers, posing for photos, and leaping around the paddock. He looks like a little black spider monkey scampering around our yard – I’ve never seen longer legs on a pony foal… fingers crossed he keeps growing. Tall purebred Connemara geldings happen to be my favorite.

photo courtesy of Emily Daily and Josh Walker

Thank you to all the moms I talked with for the Mother’s Day special including Jenn Holling, Wendy Lewis, Jen Carter, and Emily Daily.  And to their bundles of love Caiden Holling, Kira Lewis, Riley Carter, and Amigo Daily-Walker.  Happy Mother’s Day to them and to all of you!

May 7th, 2010

Happy Friday!

photo by Josh Walker

Happy Mother’s Day Weekend!  I hope it’s wonderful whether you’re aiming for the blue ribbon at Jersey Fresh, eating pancakes in bed, or giving thanks for your mom like this little guy who just joined the USEA family with Emily Daily and Josh Walker. Enjoy it!  Here are some things I hope make your weekend even better.

Paul Tapner’s audio interview post-Badminton win.

Want to know more about the Badminton winner?  Check 3-Day eventer Paul Tapner’s website.

Fun at The Jersey Fresh.

If you’re headed to Melbourne, Australia.

Who’s going to Luhmuhlen, Germany? Eventing Nation follows these pairs.

I dig this Jersey Fresh hoodie.

Stand by for our Mother’s Day Special!  Happy Weekend to all.

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