21 April 2010

Rolex Wednesday Jogs: The Best of the Best in Fashion

by Shannon Crocker, Victoria Jessup, and Courtney Young

Rolex 2010 opened today with sunny skies, gleaming horses, and stylish riders.  This team of writers has picked the best for you out of some stiff competition.  Good luck to all of the incredible riders who lead our sport and remind us everyday why we love eventing.  This is one of the biggest events of your life period, but to be here with the WEG’s less than six month’s away fashion may be the least of their worries. With that said, just for fun, here are our fashion superstars. Here’s a bit more about Shannon and Victoria…then it’s on to the fashion!

Shannon competed at the upper levels around the turn of the century (ha!) with her beloved big grey Jamison, placing 3rd at Radnor ** and completing Fair Hill *** “back in the day” when both were long format. Shannon now enjoys the lower levels, bringing along her bff from childhood’s young horses. Unlike most, her goal is to sell them before they’re ready to go preliminary. A graduate of the University of Virginia, Shannon’s day job is with Microsoft Services.  She’s married to Sean Crocker and they are having a wonderful time with their 13 month old son, Brodie (below).

Victoria Jessup has been head groom and top rider for many of the best riders in the country including Jan Byyny, Karen O’Connor and Kelli Temple. Now running a training business for herself, she is cleaning up on the dressage circuit. She is also an incredible artist and does amazing portraits of friend’s animals.  Originally from England, she now resides in Middleburg with her husband Barry Thomason.

Below: Two of our authors, Shannon and Victoria, at Victoria’s wedding in England.  Aren’t they cute (and stylish!)?

And the best of the Rolex 2010 Wednesday jogs begins!

Laine Ashker brings an Audrey Hepborn look.  She’s classy and ladylike and right out of Town and Country.  We love the pencil, high-waisted skirt with the ruffled top; two of the biggest trends in fashion today.  She and Anthony make an attractive and leggy pair.

Captain Geoff Curren:  We always love a man in uniform.  This dates back to an “Officer and a Gentleman”.  We’ll be his Deborah Winger anytime!

Buck Davidson: His groom gets an A+ and he does too. She must have run out of Quicksilver for this job!  We think Buck looks great and could be right off of Wall Street or Capital Hill. It pulls together perfectly with the red tie.

Mara Dean makes a bold move with the orange coat and pulls it off beautifully.   In a fashion review we might pan someone for wearing something twice, but when it’s as stylish as this we applaud the conviction to bring back a classic.  It looks like she could have walked right off an Hermes runway.  She wore this jacket first with Nicky Henley, one of her favorite horses.  She may make the decision to retire him. Bringing back the jacket is a tribute to him.  Note she didn’t do a brass brow band which keeps her from overdoing the look with all the chrome on the horse. Plus her sunglasses complete the chic.  Are those Crockers that High Patriot is wearing?

At only 22 Lauren Kieffer may be the youngest rider at Rolex this year but she’s ahead of her time with her presence at the jogs.  She’s well coordinated with her horse but can also stand on her own.  She’s ready to go to a cocktail party or even an outdoor wedding!  Want a behind-the-scenes scoop?  David O’Connnor told her she had better go shopping for her first jog at her first Rolex.  Looks like that advice paid off and then some.

Boyd Martin: Boyd could wear a burlap sack and still look good at the jog.  And you know what they say about a man with big feet…if, God forbid, he happened to take another swim at The Head of the Lake those flippers would come in handy!

Stephanie Rhodes-Bosch: You go girl, stomp those divets!  Stephanie is ready for even the most exclusive polo match in Palm Beach.  Her look would even work perfectly next weekend at The  Gold Cup and the expression on the horse’s face couldn’t be cuter. For someone who is a lesser-known rider in the US (she’s Canadian) she’s at the top of the jog game. We can’t wait to see what she brings out at the next jog. As Jimmy Wofford picks his Who Dat of the weekend this is our fashion bluebird Who Dat.

Allison Springer brings it with sexy chic and is totally in the running for the best turn-out award for what would be an unprecedented third year in a row. She looks like she’s ready for a roll in the HAY.

Jose Ortelli is the envy of the entire Upper East Side with this look that is prep school boy right out of Gossip Girl.  Take that Chuck Bass!

Thanks for reading the Three Days Three Ways fashion review.  Sunday is still to come!  Thanks to Josh Walker at the USEA for all these incredible photographs. If you want to see the whole field at the Wednesday jog check out the USEA site.   Thanks again to all the riders, and good luck to everyone!

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  2. Thanks for sharing the photos, everyone looks so elegant and fabulous especially the ladies. Rolex 2010 is such a prestigious event. Glad to see the pictures and read the article.


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  4. Wow.. Pretty horses…. Hopefully I’ll have one, one day!!



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